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This Wild West Dynasty Starter Guide will teach you the basics of the game and give you a walkthrough for the starting questline on your way to Taxation.

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The Wild West Dynasty HUD, Explained

Wild West Dynasty puts you in the shoes of Dakota West, a young man who is heading West from New York with his mother in search of starting a new life near the town of Hope. Unfortunately, things go bad pretty quickly and you'll soon find yourself fighting for your survival.

We'll kick off this Wild West Dynasty Starter Guide with an explanation of the game's HUD and the mechanics it represents.

Wild West Dynasty Starter Guide - HUD Explained

The HUD shows you all of the critical information for day-to-day life in Wild West Dynasty. Here's what each of the HUD elements represents:

  1. Season & Temperature - The number in the center of this circle is the current temperature outdoors. The wheel on the outside indicates the current season: Autumn (top left), Winter (top right), Spring (bottom right), or Summer (bottom left). The game begins in Summer.
  2. Clock - The Clock scrolls upward and shows you what the temperature will be at each stage of the day. In the above example image, we see that it will be 5 C at Dusk, -3 C at night, and 9 C at dawn.
  3. Compass - This shows you which direction you're facing along with any points of interest (such as towns) or Quest markers and their distance from you.
  4. Tracked Quest - The top-right corner of the screen shows your tracked Quest, the objectives you've already completed, and the next objectives you need to complete.
  5. Personal Temperature - The arrow with the "C" shows how hot (red) or cold (blue) your character currently feels. Ideally, you want to be in the brown area in the middle. You can warm up or cool down by standing near fires, seeking shelter, or wearing appropriate clothing.
  6. Stamina - This shows your current Stamina. Stamina is required to run, use your tools, and fight.
  7. Health - Your Health represents your physical condition. If it reaches zero, you will respawn back at the starting point of the game in the Early Access version of Wild West Dynasty. You can restore Health by eating Food, sleeping, or using a Healing Potion.
  8. Hunger - This shows how hungry you are. As you might expect, you can increase this bar by eating Food. If it reaches 0, you'll start losing Health.
  9. Thirst - This shows how thirsty you are. You can increase this bar by drinking Water. If it reaches 0, you'll start losing Health.
  10. Poison - You can get Poisoned if you eat spoiled Food, poisonous items, or certain uncooked Foods (such as raw Meat). The Poison meter will decrease as your body fights it, but your Health decreases at a similar rate until the Poison is gone.
  11. Current Equipment - This shows which Tool or Weapon you have currently equipped. The white bar on the top shows how much Condition (durability) is remaining.
Wild West Dynasty Starter Guide - The Beginning
You'll start the game just after a bandit attack has destroyed your wagon and wounded your mother.

Wild West Dynasty Starter Guide

Now that you've got the basics of the game's HUD down, it's time to go over the early quests. You won't be able to just dive right in and start creating your own little Western town -- first, you're going to have to complete the starting chain of Quests.

Here's what you need to do for each Quest at the very beginning of the game.

Find Your Mother

  1. Walk up to your mother and talk to her.

Pick Up Your Mother

  1. Pick up your mother with F.
  2. Move uphill to the left toward the cave.

Find Shelter

  1. Carry your mother into the cave.
  2. Put your mother down by the bedroll and speak to her.

Find Resources for a Campfire

  1. Collect all of the nearby Sticks and Stones that you can see.
    • This step will also unlock the Recipes for the Campfire and Tent.

Light the Campfire

  1. Press "I", select "Survive," and Craft a Campfire.
  2. Press "B," select "Campfire," and place the Campfire on the ground near your mother.
  3. Interact with the Campfire to light it.
  4. You'll wake up the next day after burying your mother.

Find Help

  1. Turn around from your mother's grave and pick up the Lantern on the box.
  2. Go through the cave supported by wooden beams.
  3. Pick up supplies from the 2 barrels and the crate in the cave.
  4. Head out of the cave and you'll see the Hermit Farm in the distance.
  5. Walk to the Hermit Farm and talk to Ed.

Bring the Seeds to Ed

  1. Go into Ed's house and retrieve the Seeds at the back of the house.
    • This will also unlock the Recipe for the Hare Trap.
  2. Retrieve the Hoe from behind the house, past the Campfire (but still inside the Fence).
  3. Ed will ask you to get some Agave. Turn away from the house and look for some trees uphill. Walk towards them and you'll find three Agave at the top of the hill. Grab all three Agave plants.
  4. Take the Agave plants back to Ed.

Go to Bed

  1. Go to sleep in the bed in Ed's house.

Talk to Ed

  1. Talk to Ed after you wake up.
    • This will give you the Recipe for the Wooden Hammer.

Tools of the Trade

  1. Press "I," select "Tools," and Craft a Wooden Hammer.
    • This will unlock the Recipe for the
  2. Press "I," select "Tools," and Craft a Stone Axe.
  3. Talk to Ed again.

Demolition Man

  1. Equip the Stone Axe on your Hotbar.
  2. Use the Stone Axe to dismantle Ed's Barn.
  3. Talk to Ed again.

Thirst for Life

  1. Grab the Empty Canteen on the Chest from inside the house.
  2. Go out to the Well and fill the Empty Canteen.
  3. Drink Water directly from the Well.
    • This will also unlock the Recipe for Healing Potion.
  4. Talk to Ed again.

Life Stinks

  1. Equip the Hammer you Crafted in "Tools of the Trade" on your Hotbar.
  2. Use the Hammer to finish Building the Outhouse.
    • If you don't have enough Sticks or Stones, you can find them in the surrounding area and nearby forest where you got the Agave in "Bring the Seeds to Ed." Watch out for wild animals -- you may need to fight them if they get too close.
  3. Talk to Ed.

Ed's Goodbye

  1. Walk back up towards the forest where you found the Agave in "Bring the Seeds to Ed" and turn slightly to the left to make it back to the cave where you started.
  2. Walk through the cave to your mother's grave.
    • One of the side paths in the cave has a Wooden Door; you can smash this door open with your Stone Axe and retrieve a Colt Revolver, a Holster, a Cowboy hat, and several supplies from the Chest next to a skeleton.
  3. Dismantle the Destroyed Wagon with your Stone Axe.
  4. Loot the Chest next to the Destroyed Wagon for additional supplies.
  5. Turn to face the plains and head towards the town of Taxation.

Taxation can be found past the Hermit Farm where Ed helped you. Look for a cluster of trees in the distance to the north.

Wild West Dynasty Starter Guide - Heading to Taxation
Taxation can be found near the trees in the distance past the Hermit Farm.

You can walk directly to Taxation. However, you should be careful on your way there -- it's possible that you'll get attacked by animals.

If animals do begin chasing you, you can try to keep running to Taxation. Jump over the fence and you'll be safe from them once you get there. Alternatively, you can try to fight them.

The Chemicals Between Us

After making it to Taxation, one of the final steps of the "Ed's Goodbye" Quest requires you to talk to Karen. Karen is a textile dyer and she needs you to collect "Thunder Mugs" from a few townsfolk in Taxation. (If you don't quite get it, Thunder Mugs are jars filled with urine which is used in dying and treating certain textiles.)

Karen can be found in a small shack located in the middle of Taxation's Farms. Here are the people you'll have to visit, in order:

Wild West Dynasty Starter Guide - The Chemicals Between Us People
The Quest "The Chemicals Between Us" requires you to visit Karen (top left) to start the quest. You'll then need to visit Mark Harrison (top right), Nicolette McCluskey (bottom left), and Shane (bottom right) to collect the Thunder Mugs.
  1. Karen
  2. Mark Harrison
  3. Nicolette McCluskey
  4. Shane

Speak to Karen to start the quest, then visit the other three people in order and collect their Thunder Mugs. The Thunder Mugs are usually right next to them or very close by; you can follow the Quest markers to find them. Return the Thunder Mugs to Karen and you'll complete the Quests "Ed's Goodbye" and "The Chemicals Between Us."

Completing "The Chemicals Between Us" will unlock two new quests: "Chapter I. The Newcomer" and "Investigate the Elevator." These two Quests will further guide you through setting up your own home and exploring the story of Wild West Dynasty, respectively.

That's the end of our Wild West Dynasty Starter Guide. There's plenty more to explore in this game, so make sure to check out our other guides below!

Wild West Dynasty Starter Guide - FAQ

Wild West Dynasty F.A.Q.

What is Wild West Dynasty?

Wild West Dynasty is an open-world Crafting RPG where you can build and manage your own town while solving the mystery of your family's death.

Is Wild West Dynasty Multiplayer?

No, Wild West Dynasty is not multiplayer. However, co-op is planned for the developer's previous game Medieval Dynasty which is similar in many respects, so co-op might come to Wild West Dynasty in the future. No firm plans have been announced just yet.

Where is the Wild West Dynasty Save File?

Unfortunately, we don't yet know where the Wild West Dynasty Save File is located.

What Happens When You Die in Wild West Dynasty?

If you die in WIld West Dynasty, you'll respawn at the Destroyed Wagon where you started the game.

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