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Our Wild West Dynasty Chapter I Walkthrough Guide will tell you what you need to complete the introductory Chapter and start building your home.

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Wild West Dynasty Chapter I Quest Objectives

  • Collect Stones (0/5)
  • Collect Sticks (0/20)
  • Collect Logs (0/20)
  • Craft an Axe
  • Craft a Hammer
  • Cut down 5 Trees
  • Build a Small Animal Trap
  • Craft a Stone Knife
  • Hunt a Wild Animal
  • Skin a Dead Animal
  • Build a Well
  • Build a House
  • Build a Bed in Your House
  • Sleep One Night in Your New Home

Wild West Dynasty Chapter I Walkthrough

The Wild West Dynasty Chapter I Quest is all about getting your own house set up. You can get it done in a short amount of time, although you won't be able to begin this Quest until you finish The Chemicals Between Us Quest covered in our Starter Guide.

You should know how to Craft an Axe and a Wooden Hammer after completing the first few Quests. You're going to need more than one of each, but first, we're going to have to find a location for your house.

Much like Medieval Dynasty, the place where you build your house may eventually evolve into a City. Ideally, you'll want to pick a location with flat ground (for Buildings and Crops) and some trees nearby (for construction materials). There is a fair amount of space to the west of the town of Taxation.

Once you've picked out a spot, you'll need to start by collecting 4 Logs and a Stone. Take out your Wooden Hammer, and press "B" to access the Build menu. Then, select the following:

City > Floor > Floor 5x6 > Floor 5x6 A

A ghost will pop up -- this will be the footprint for what will eventually be your House. Place it in a location that you think works best. Once it's placed, you'll have to hit it with your Wooden Hammer to spend resources on construction.

Placing the floor will also unlock the Recipe for a Bed; we'll get to placing that later.

You're going to need a fair amount of Logs and Sticks in order to complete even a single Building. Cut down trees as you need them.

After the first stage of construction is complete, four corner frames will pop up. Your next step will be to use your Wooden Hammer to fill in the center spaces of each wall. You can select from a wall, window, or door. You'll have to hit each segment of the wall with your Wooden Hammer to fill it with the appropriate resources.

Once the walls are fully constructed, you'll have to build three segments of the roof. That will complete the building, but it still needs to be furnished.

Your next step is to Craft a Bed. The Recipe has changed a few times in the pre-release version of the game, so you may need Rabbit Fur; if so, you can find Rabbits near the Hermit Farm. You can kill Rabbits fairly easily with your Stone Axe. Whatever is involved, get the resources you need and Craft a Bed.

Make your way back to your house. Our next step is to Build a Well. You can find it here:

City > Camp Utils > Well

A Well requires 5 Logs and 5 Boards. You should still have some Boards left over from when you demolished the Barn at the Hermit Farm in the starter quest.

Your final piece of construction is the Bed. Walk inside the finished House and press B. (You don't need the Wooden Hammer equipped.) Press "B," select "Beds," and place the Bed you Crafted earlier. Sleep in your Bed and you'll have completed the Wild West Dynasty Chapter I Quest.

That's the end of our Wild West Dynasty Chapter I Walkthrough. Make sure to check out our other guides below!

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