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In this guide, we'll explain the Wild West Dynasty A Friend in Need... Quest and reveal the choices you need to make in order to beat it.

The Wild West Dynasty A Friend in Need... Quest is one of the many steps in your journey hunting for the people who attacked you and your mother at the beginning of the game. This Quest takes you out into the wilderness where you'll meet a very odd fellow -- and some dangerous wildlife, too.

Wild West Dynasty A Friend in Need... Quest Walkthrough

The Wild West Dynasty A Friend in Need... Quest starts as soon as you reach the marker in Taxation after you complete the Jack of All Names Quest. Your first objective will be to talk to "The Stranger" who can be found a short distance away.

The Stranger is Otho Eleazar and can be found leaning against a canyon wall. He'll tell you a story about a map and a treasure hidden nearby, but he's too injured to actually get it. After a short conversation, you'll agree to retrieve it.

Head southeast of Taxation. You'll see some wolves as you get close to the waypoint. If you have to fight them, you can take them down quite easily with your Stone Axe. When you actually approach the chest, however, you'll be knocked out before you can open it. You'll wake up at a camp a short distance away next to a man named Jack Just.

Before you talk with Jack Just, carefully explore the surrounding area. There are Buffalo around here, and they are all too willing to attack you if they get close. It may be a good idea to preemptively kill them; otherwise, they might interrupt your conversation and knock you out when it's over.

Speak with Jack Just. You'll have to pick the correct options in order to advance the quest; selecting the wrong dialogue option will force you to restart Here are the dialogue options you should select:

  1. What? Who Are You?
  2. What Happened? Where Am I?
  3. "Here" being ...?
  4. In a forest?
  5. Why would you help a stranger?
  6. Did you take the treasure?
  7. But you want to.
  8. Then why are you here?
  9. Just a moment. You said I got cheated. What did you mean by that?
  10. He set me up.
  11. But the treasure is real.
  12. And he does not expect me back. I will not let him get away with this.
  13. I am no coward and no weakling!
  14. With the right weapon I can take them on as well as any local. Can you help me?
  15. I will pay you, give you a share.
  16. If you teach me how to make a decent weapon, they are yours.

This will give you the Recipe for Rawhide and the Recipe for a Bow if you didn't have them already. You'll need to Craft the Bow before you can progress with this Quest, but you likely won't have the materials you need to do it. This is what you need:

  • 1 Stick
  • 1 Rawhide
  • 1 Rabbit Fur

Head back over to the Hermit Farm. You can find Rabbits in that area. Killing them (or catching them with Hare Traps) will get you the Rabbit Fur you need. You can also get Rawhide by Crafting it from Rabbit Fur under Resources.

Once you've Crafted the Bow, you'll be given a new objective to kill the Wolves that were near the chest the first time around. You'll also need to Craft some Arrows. You can make them with Sticks and Stones, both of which you shouldn't have too much difficulty finding in the area near the Hermit Farm. Craft at least 10 Arrows.

Head back over to the Chest where the Wolves were and kill them with your Bow and Arrows. Loot them for their pelts and meat and return to Jack Just. Give Jack Just the loot. You'll then be prompted to head back to "The Stranger" near Taxation.

Make your way to Taxation, then head back over to the spot where you first met The Stranger (a.k.a. Otho Eleazar). Talk to him and that will be the end of the A Friend in Need... Quest.

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