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In this Wild West Dynasty Chapter II Walkthrough, we'll tell you what you need to know to start hunting and foraging for food in the game's second Chapter.

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Wild West Dynasty Chapter II Quest Objectives

  • Hunt or Catch a Small Animal
  • Build a Camp Fire
  • Collect Agaves
  • Collect Berries
  • Roast Meat on the Fire
  • Eat Food from your Inventory
  • Own a Bow
  • Hunt a Big Animal

Wild West Dynasty Chapter II Quest Walkthrough

The Wild West Dynasty Chapter II Quest is all about learning the basics of hunting and gathering Food.

One of the more difficult parts will be getting your hands on a Bow. You have two options for this:

Getting to the "A Friend in Need..." Main Quest will take some time, especially if you've just started the game and you're focusing on building a home first. It's much easier (and faster) to do the City Slicker Quest instead.

Our next step will be hunting animals. Let's start with hunting a "big animal" -- you can find Deer near the road to the northwest and northeast of the town of Taxation. They move in herds and they're pretty hard to miss, so keep exploring those areas until you come across them.

You'll also have to hunt or catch a "small animal," too, and this is an opportunity to tackle another objective. Head over to the Hermit Farm and you can find Rabbits nearby. You can easily kill them with a Stone Axe. Make sure to save their meat and skin -- you'll need to use both later.

Additionally, the Hermit Farm has bushes where you can get Berries nearby. They're called "Fruit Bush." Here's what they look like and where they can be found:

Wild West Dynasty Chapter II Walkthrough Guide - Fruits Berries

If you need to get Agave, you can get them in the forest south of the Hermit Farm where you got them when you first started the game.

Once you have the Berries, Hare Meat, and Agave, head back to your home. Build a Campfire, Cook the Rabbit Meat, and eat it. That will complete all of your objectives for the Wild West Dynasty Chapter II Quest.

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