Wild West Dynasty Map and Locations Guide

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In this guide, we'll show you the Wild West Dynasty Map along with details on the notable towns and locations in the game.

A good portion of the Wild West Dynasty Map is flat, expansive wilderness. Knowing where to go will make things a lot easier for you as you play through the game!

Wild West Dynasty Map

Wild West Dynasty Map Top 2
Wild West Dynasty Map Bottom 2

The Wild West Dynasty Map has a lot of unused locations in the Early Access version of the game; there are quite a few more locations not represented on this map because they are simply placeholders. You may be able to find some useful resources there, but it's best to spend your time focusing on the areas of the Map that have been implemented.

Wild West Dynasty Locations

Here are all of the notable Wild West Dynasty Locations that we've found so far.


The Elevator will take you down into The Wailing Mountains region of the map. You'll have to fix it by completing the "Investigate the Elevator" Quest once you've finished the first few tutorial Quests at the start of the game.

Hancock's Cave

Hancock's Cave is where you begin your adventure in the wild west. It's home to a few loot chests and your mother's grave.

Hermit Farm

The Hermit Farm is the first safe place that you'll visit after you survive the attack at the start of the game. The Hermit Farm is home to Ed, a grumpy recluse that nonetheless is willing to help you.


The town of Hope is home to a corrupt Mayor and Sheriff. It has several amenities including a Blacksmith and a Saloon. Unfortunately, much of the town isn't yet properly implemented in the Early Access version of Wild West Dynasty.

Jack Abernathy's Ranch

Jack Abernathy's Ranch is one of the places you'll visit on your journey to find the people who attacked you at the beginning of the game.

Jack Just's Camp

Jack Just's Camp is a secluded spot where you'll wake up after getting attacked by Wolves.

Jack West's House

Jack West's House is home to your brother Jack West and one of the stops you'll make in your quest to find the people who attacked you at the beginning of the game.

Lumberjack Camp

The Lumberjack Camp is, rather unsurprisingly, home to a number of lumberjacks. You'll visit it during your Quest to fix the Elevator.

Old Family Farm

The Old Family Farm is your family's abandoned home in the wild west. You'll visit it as part of one of the main story quests.

Roger's Farm

Roger's Farm can be found at the bottom of the Elevator leading to The Wailing Mountains


Taxation is a small town north of where you begin the game. You'll find a number of Quests and some shopkeepers here.

That's the end of our Wild West Dynasty Map and Locations Guide. Check out our other guides below!

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