Wild West Dynasty

Title Screen Wild West Dynasty

If you're a fan of Medieval Dynasty, then you'll be right at home in Wild West Dynasty. You'll start with nothing, and build up your own ranch in the Wild West of the United States, as you craft, farm, and expand your settlement as you seek to not only survive - but thrive.

Players will be able to explore a wide open world via foot or horseback, and discover tons of secrets and treasures to use towards building up a settlement that can be as large as you'd like. It wouldn't be a survival game without the staples of the genre, and you'll need to gather, craft, hunt, and more to survive the harsh environment. Defend against bandits, animals, and more as you see to protect your city and trade routes. With a number of buildings you can create, your can fulfill your own vision of a western town complete with Saloon, Sheriff Office, and more!

Players can go their own way, but there is a story to experience across a number of missions, and branching dialogue and choices. Develop and build how you wish in order to build your own Western Dynasty.

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Moon Punch Studio
Release Date
February 16, 2023 (Calendar)
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