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The Alluvian King is the second major boss fight you have to tackle in Scars Above, and while it's not one of the hardest in the game, it's certainly one that could trip up first-time players if they're not sure what to expect. That's why we've whipped up this Scars Above Alluvian King Boss Guide to teach you all the starts you need to know to take this guy down before you completely run out of patience for his shenanigans.

Scars Above Alluvian King Boss Guide 

Scars Above Alluvian King Boss Guide - Attack Time
Of all the bosses in the game, this is the one who seems to have the weakest self-preservation instincts. 

Another day, another boss for you to keep fighting. This is actually one of the easier bosses in the game, which is probably a good thing considering it’s your second real boss so far. The issue here is that this thing is cheaper than Moneybags, so it could be quite frustrating. Luckily, the tower is right outside of the boss fight, so you won’t have long to go to try again, and it's only really the final phase of this three that becomes an exercise in hair-pulling frustration. 

 While the boss technically has several stages, he only has a handful of attacks, and they mostly suck, frankly. The boss will slam its arm down on you, then slam it down again, which is super easy to dodge thanks to the long wind up. Another attack sees the boss swing its arm around, which can also be easily dodged by dodging into the swing, and that’s pretty much it. If you count staring at you gormlessly for 5 seconds as an attack, there’s also that one, but that's not so much an attack as a manifested death wish. 

After you take him down to two-thirds health, he'll puke blood eels into one-half of the arena. Just move to the other half for now, but you can probably guess what's coming. After he has lost two-thirds of his health, he'll puke more blood eels into the arena, giving you almost no safe space to attack back, which is the only time the fight starts to even feel challenging. Unfortunately, there's no cheese for this, and you just have to swap quickly from your fire/electric guns as needed to do damage, then quickly back to your freeze gun to give yourself somewhere to stand. 

The Actual Strat

Scars Above Alluvian King Boss guide - On Fire Nap Time
If you feel a bit worn out while you're fighting him, remember that the Alluvian King boss arena is perfect for power naps. 

Aim for the obvious glowing weak spots. You should be able to take these down with one fire shot each, and once you’ve got enough of them done, the boss will reveal his real weak spot, the blue brain thing hanging in its mouth. When this drops down, you’ll have a very limited amount of time to hit it, mostly because if you shoot it twice with electricity, it’ll take a huge chunk off the boss's health, and we’re talking huge here. Just focus on dodging his easy swipes and doing damage until the last phase. 

During the last phase, mostly keep your ice gun out, as you'll constantly need it for dodging attacks since there's nowhere safe to stand. You'll then have to quickly switch to your fire gun when you have an opening, which is a bit of a challenging task. Honestly, you're probably going to have to eat some damage from the worms, but as long as he goes down before you do, it still counts as a victory, so make sure you open up on that blue brain as much as you can. 

Once this MFer goes down, run around the arena collecting some ammo and resources, you can also find one of those XP cubes in the arena too. Make sure to scan your victim's body to unlock a very useful new gadget. 

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