Scars Above Power Source Switching Puzzle Guide

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During your journey through the many strange halls of the alien transit system in Scars Above, you'll be confronted with a door that requires two power sources to open and no power sources in sight. The puzzle that follows can be a bit logically perplexing, so read our Scars Above Power Source Switching Puzzle Guide to discover the solution to the conundrum that could be haunting your progress through the story. 

Scars Above Power Switching Puzzle Guide

Scars ABove Power Source Switching Puzzle Guide - The Switch
This area is more than a little confusing, partially thanks to puzzles, partially thanks to visual design. 

Head from the checkpoint in front of the door to the only path forward, heading right if you’re facing the door. Take the power source from the bridge you just used and put it into the lift. Ride the lift and then follow the path around very carefully. Eventually, you'll suddenly come across a turret guarding a bridge. Take it out as carefully as you can, as these things can do some serious damage up close. Once it'd dead, you should see another bridge ahead for you too cross, with yet another turret on the other side. 

Cross the bridge and take out this second turret, again very carefully. There's little to know cover for you to take advantage of, so make sure you've got the option of running away and healing before you lose your life. Once you're done, take the power source from the bridge that you just crossed. Place your power source in the receptacle that powers the switch you should see on the wall above your head. Shoot the switch to power the lift and hitch a ride down, before heading right and up another lift that already has power.

Backtracking, But Not Really

Scars ABove power Source Switching Puzzle Guide - Sniping
Not only is hitting this thing from here way easier than aiming from below, but you also get a free XP cube to boot. 

You’ll arrive on the other side of the area you were just in fighting turrets a moment ago. Grab the experience cube from the bridge ahead that you can't activate right now. Look across the non-existent bridge to see the platform with the dead turret the switch-power lift. Shoot the switch from here to activate the lift at the very end of the hallway, which will eventually lead you back up to your freedom and the giant door you've been trying to get open. 

Head back down the lift and grab the power source once you're done using it. Use it in the bridge opposite the lifts and then run across, but be careful. As you make the crossing, a couple of weak drone enemies will show up to bother you. Take them out with your new corrosive gun to make it quick, then finish crossing the bridge. If you don't recognize it, this is the first lift that you had to power when you entered the area. Grab the power source and return back across the bridge, then grab the power source which is activating the bridge you just used too. 

Now you have the two power sources you need. Use the lift at the very end of the hallway (the one powered by the switch) and ride it to find yourself back at the checkpoint in front of the double doors. Save up, then use both power sources and you should be about as ready to go as you can be. 

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