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During the course of your adventure in Scars Above, you'll be called upon to work an alien console. This mysterious piece of alien technology blocks your way as you search for your crewmates in the 'In search of SCARs' mission during the first few hours of the game. Just after you cross the bleed-eel swamp you'll find the console, and will have to figure your way through the nearby maze to retrieve the console keys. Our Scars Above Alien Console Puzzle Guide will show you where to find the keys, and how to arrange them to make progress in your search. 

Scars Above Alien Console Puzzle Guide

You’ll come to a console with two keys missing. Immediately spin around and find the entrance pictured below:

Scars Above Alien Console Guide - Entrance

Head through it, and you’ll find a ledge you can through into a swamp area. Ignore it for now and instead head right. You’ll first be ambushed by a giant wave of spiders, but they ambush you in the rain so go to town with your electric gun. Avoid using the electricity sack, since these guys are really weak anyway, and you can take the entire crowd out with four shots at most.

Move forward carefully to bait out more spiders, including a couple of spider-moms that will come around the corner and try to explode you to death. Avoid the exploding spiders and run forward to grab the attention of another group of spiders, this time with a rock-gorilla monster in their midst.  This time, fall back and use the giant electricity bulb we saved from earlier to take out most of the spiders, and wipe away a fair bit of the monkey’s health. With this next group down, you can head around the corner to find the first collectible alien triangle ready for you to pick up on a weird pedestal with drones surrounding it.

At this point, you should go back to the area that the spider-mom emerged from as there’s at least some ammo and an experience cube to make it worth your while. Once you've done that, return to the area where you saw the swampy entrance, as you'll need to head this way to get the next console key. Head through the gap into the swamp and ignore the right turn for now, but check the immediate left edge of the swamp for another experience cube. Head straight forward into the open area where you can clearly see another pedestal, and get ready for a fight. 

Mini Boss - Omnivorous Colossus

Scars Above Alien Console Guide - Mini-boss Fight
Alas, poor Cedric, I knew him well. 

During this fight, avoid dodging unless you have to, and instead, simply sprint around the battlefield to avoid this dude. You can take him out easily if you can hit him on the back where those glowing balls are with your electric gun. To do this, just keep trying to run behind him until you catch it doing its scream move. This takes ages, so if you already start running behind the enemy before the animation stars, you should be able to take the enemy out almost immediately. Failing that, you can use the old cheese stat of freezing him with your ice gun to give yourself plenty of time to take him out at your own pace. 

Once they’re down, go listen to the audio log and grab the second alien device. Finally, that alien Windows XP machine will listen to us. 

Scars Above Alien Console Puzzle Guide - The Machine Code

Scars Above Alien Console Puzzle Guide - Solution
You can just use this image to get the code if you need it. But it's still a challenge just trying to orient these weird pieces correctly. 

Head back to the machine and put your two pieces in place. Now you’re supposed to scan the computer itself and it’ll tell you what symbols you need, but honestly it’s not that hard to do by trial and error. That said, it’s also a right pain to actually rotate these things since they need to be the right symbol and the right orientation, or it won’t work. Oh, also you need to put the symbol in backward for the center device because of course you do. You can also just use the image above if you want it to be even easier for you. 

Once you’ve solved it, the way ahead is opened up to you and you should probably consider going back to the tower to create a checkpoint before you move ahead. 

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