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The caves found in the forest are home to a number of totem challenges, blocking your progress until you complete them. In our Roots of Pacha Totem Guide, we'll go over the challenges and each item you'll need to offer.

Many of the items you need to offer for the totem challenges require crops, animal drops, and sometimes fish. Don't forget to grab some Flint during your time in the caves, you'll need a lot of it.

A cave painting in Roots of Patcha showing wine being made.

Roots of Pacha Totem Guide

Totems are the large statues of animals that you'll encounter during exploration in the caves. Each requires offerings, with hints given by cave paintings and the Glyptodon sprites found throughout the caves. Each must be completed to obtain new powers and progress deeper into the caves and obtain new materials.

Roots of Pacha Glyptodon Totem

When entering the forest caves, you'll run into a totem early on. The Glyptodon Totem only requires one offering, this being drops from trees — either a Pomegranate or Pine Cone will work for this one. After handing in the item, you'll be able to take on the challenge. All you're required to do is count how many unique animals are running through the caves, which is 5. Completing the challenge will let you move further into the caves.

Roots of Pacha Owl Totem

The next totem you'll encounter is Owl's. This time, you'll have to hand in 3 offerings. From left to right, these are:

  • Tree drops (same as the Glyptodon Totem)
  • Any Root Vegetable
  • Any Fish

With these handed in, the challenge you must complete for Owl involves directing a beam of light into the center pillar using mirrors. For this one, it's best to work your way backwards, starting at the ending pillar, then adjusting mirrors as necessary. Once the challenge is completed, you'll be able to transform into an Owl at any of the owl platforms.

Roots of Pacha Monkey Totem

The next totem you can compete is the Monkey totem. This one requires 3 new offerings. Form left to right, these are:

  • Any Juice
  • Any Flour
  • Any Fermented Fish

For the next challenge, you must interact with the different instruments to raise and lower platforms with the same icon. There's only one path though this, ending with an island at the top. Completing the challenge will grant you the Monkey transformation ability, needed to reach further into the caves.

That's the end of our Roots of Pacha Totem Guide. If you've found it helpful, why not check out our other guides below?


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