Roots of Pacha Map and Locations Guide

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Roots of Pacha Map and Locations Guide - Cover Image Forest Map in Spring at an Angle

In this guide, we'll show you the Roots of Pacha Map for every region and detail which Seeds you can find during each season.

Quicklinks: How the Map Works | The Land Map / Village Map
Forest Map | Jungle Map | Beach Map | Savanna Map

Roots of Pacha has plenty of great places for you to explore. At first, you'll only have access to The Land/The Village and the Forest, but you'll soon get access to the Jungle, Beach, and Savanna. These new locations open up opportunities to get new Seeds, find new Animals, and catch new Fish. Read on to learn about how the Map works and what you can find on each Map!

How the Roots of Pacha Map Works

Each new location that is unlocked during the story will automatically reveal its corresponding Map. You can view any Map of any area at any time. You don't have to do any exploring to reveal the Roots of Pacha Map, but that doesn't mean that all of the information will be available to you.

The various locations surrounding the Village each have their own Seeds and Animals available for you to collect. There are different Fishing opportunities available in each area, too. Finally, three of these locations (the Forest, Beach, and Savanna) have a Cave system that is interconnected, but you won't be able to use these Caves as passages until you've explored them somewhat.

Roots of Pacha The Land Map / Village Map

Roots of Pacha Map and Locations Guide - The Land Map The Village Map with Seed Icons 3

The Land (or The Village) is where you and your Clan live. A handful of Seeds are available in this area, along with your Farm plot. Based on our experience, the Carrot Seeds outside of your family's home will disappear after the first Spring.

Roots of Pacha Forest Map

Roots of Pacha Map and Locations Guide - The Forest Map with Seed Icons

The Forest is the first place you'll be able to visit outside of The Village. It's a source of some Seeds and the first place you'll be able to tame Animals. A Cave can be found up north where you'll find Flint and the Totems.

Roots of Pacha Jungle Map

Roots of Pacha Map and Locations Guide - Jungle Map

There are no Seeds on the Jungle map in the early game as far as we can tell. It is home to the altar where you can collect rewards for Prophecies.

Roots of Pacha Beach Map

Roots of Pacha Map and Locations Guide - Beach Map with Seed Icons 2

The Beach is the second zone that opens up after you begin a new game. It doesn't have much in the way of Seeds; you'll only find Sea Kale or Prickly Pear there depending on the season. It is, however, an excellent place for Fishing and collecting Shells.

Roots of Pacha Savanna Map

Roots of Pacha Map and Locations Guide - Savanna Map with Seed Icons 2

The Savanna is the final extra location that opens up in the first Spring, roughly two weeks after you begin your adventures. There are a number of unique Animals here and it's a good place to find Seeds, too.

You can also find a Cave in the northwest of the Savanna. It connects with the same system that connects the Beach Cave and the Forest Cave, but you'll need to do a fair amount of exploring in the Forest Cave before you can use it for much.

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