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Animals in Roots of Pacha are very useful, acting as mounts, giving useful crafting or cooking materials, or even simply acting as pets that you can have in your home. In our Roots of Pacha Animals Guide, we'll go over the types of animals you'll be able to find and what they can offer

Just looking to get a mount? We have you covered. If your more into catching animals instead, then we have a guide going over the game's many fish. Also, don't forget that many animals drop items that are very useful when cooking.

How Animals Work

Animals can be found in most areas outside of the village, all friendly and willing to eventually join your farm (outside of the fully grown mammoths in the Savanna). However, it's not possible to tame animals from the get go. Instead, once you interact with an animal for the first time, you'll unlock the "Animal Friendship" Idea. Giving 10 Plant Fiber to Okka and waiting a day will net you the Flute tool, letting you start to tame animals.

Taming animals is a simple process. Interact with a tameable animal and you'll have the option to attune with them. This takes the form of a simple rhythm game, where you must click each time the white circles reach the inner circle. Depending on how well you do, you can earn up to 2 progress towards taming the animal. This is represented by note icons when you interact with an animal you've already attuned with. Once you fully attune with an animal, you'll get the option to invite them to the village.

Animals on your farm have a friendship level, which goes up as you interact with them or gather items with the Blade Shears or Milker. At friendship 2 large animals can be ridden, while at 6 they can be used to breed with another animal of the same species.

How to Get Animals on Your Farm

Actually getting animals to stay requires some extra work though. After fully attuning to an animal for the first time, you'll unlock the "Animal Taming" Idea. This requires you to give 40 Wood and 30 Stone to Croll, unlocking the ability to make Animal Barns. Animal Barns can initially house 4 large animals each, though this can be upgraded to 7, and eventually 10. Once sent to a barn, animals must be kept fed each day. This is either done by letting them roam free and eat nearby grass, or by placing Plant Fiber in the feeders. Additionally, having 8 animals will unlock the "Granary" Idea, which will automatically feed animals each day with stored Plant Fiber once made.

Large animals can also be ridden after you complete the "Animal Riding" Idea, which unlocks alongside Animal Taming. Animals have a speed stat which determines how fast they are — a speed of 1 is not much better than just running on foot.

Pets (like Rabbits) are much simpler. They don't need to be fed, and will just stay in your house. Note that it must be your house and not the shared one you start in — the ability to build a house via Croll unlocks after a few days. You can only have a single pet to start with, requiring house upgrades to keep more at once. Pets can be pet each day, and given 2 gifts a week.

Breeding animals requires a Male and Female animal of same species, both at rank 6+. The first time you have 2 animals at the right friendship rank, you unlock the "Breeding Pen" Idea. Once completed, you can send 2 animals to breed, and a baby animal will be born a few days later. Each generation of animal will get increased stats, so it's always worth it to breed more and more animals. Baby animals (either born on the farm or found in the wild) will take a little while to grow, and will not produce any items.

Best Animals

You'll want to have at least one of each type of large animal (and 2 if you want to breed them), to get a variety of materials for crafting and cooking. Ibex are especially useful early on for their milk, which can be turned into cheese and sold for contribution.

Some animals have special features, and count as rare or legendary animals. While there are achievements to taming your first of each, they don't give any different items.

Roots of Pacha Animals Guide - Animals List Bison in the Tall Grass of the Savannah

Roots of Pacha Animals List

Animal Type Variants Location Drops
Bison Bark, Brown, Brown Fluffy, Dulce De Leche, Dust Cloud, Pale, Sambayon. Savanna Bison Fur
Bunny Black, Brown, Gray, White, Yellow. Forest N/A
Cave Lion Black, Brown, Orange, White. Savanna (every few days) N/A
Guanaco Ash, Day, Dirt, Orange, Rocky, Mustard, Night. Savanna Guanaco Fur
Ibex Almond Chocolate, Cocoa, Cookies & Cream, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Mustard, Tramontana. Rare: Golden, Shallow Water. Legendary: Spider. Forest Ibex Milk, Horns
Junglefowl Black Turquoise, Dark Chocolate, Dust, Mustard, Strawberry. Jungle (Complete Prophecies to unlock) Junglefowl Eggs, Junglefowl Feathers
Mammoth Chocolate, Dulce de Leche, Pale, Rhubarb, Rich Chocolate. Savanna N/A
Ostrich Deep Ocean, Ebony, Grassy Green, Light Dust, Mustard, Orange Earth, Snowy. Savanna Ostrich Egg, Ostrich Feather
Horse Day, Dun, Light Dust, Mud, Night, Ochre, Spotted. Rare: Cloudy Day, Golden. Legendary: Starry Night. Caves (Horse Totem) Horse Manure
Spider Black, Red, White, Yellow. Caves (No Man's Rock, requires Bear Power) N/A
Boar Black, Brown, Camouflage, Chocolate, Gray, Raspberry, White. Rare: Fiber, Golden. Legendary: Fire. Forest Boar Fur, Horns
Wolf Black, Brown, Orange, White. Forest N/A

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