How to Get a Mount in Roots of Pacha

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How to Get a Mount in Roots of Pacha - Cover Image Player Character Standing in the Savannah Near an Ostrich Herd

Wondering how to get a Mount in Roots of Pacha? Our guide will tell you how to unlock Mounts, how they work, and which Animals you can ride!

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Mounts List

Your first few days of Roots of Pacha will probably be spent Farming and Fishing, but you'll gradually open up a wider world with some massive new areas such as the Beach and the Savanna. Fortunately, you don't have to actually walk for long! This guide will tell you what you need to know to unlock Mounts.

How to Get a Mount in Roots of Pacha

The first step to getting a Mount in Roots of Pacha is getting your Clan to around 10,000 Prosperity. This will activate the Idea "Animal Riding." Talk to Okka and provide her with 3 of Any Root and 10 Plant Fiber and she'll get to work.

A short while later, Okka will have completed her Idea. Talk with her again and you'll activate the ability to ride Mounts. You can then Mount any eligible Animal that you've befriended with the Flute, a Tool that you'll have unlocked from an earlier Idea.

How Mounts Work

Using a Mount is fairly straightforward once you have one available to you. Simply interact with it and you can hop on board. You can jump back off of your Mount to do whatever work you need to do in the area.

Once Mounts are unlocked, a number of Horns will be placed throughout the local area. Interacting with any of these Horns will call your Mount to you, saving you the trouble of tracking it down.

How to Get a Mount in Roots of Pacha - Mounts List Player Character Riding an Ibex Across the River

Roots of Pacha Mounts List

We've confirmed that the following Animals can be ridden as Mounts once you've befriended them with the Flute.

  • Ibex

Now you know how to get a Mount in Roots of Pacha! Make sure to check out our other guides below!

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