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Last Update: April 25, 2023


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Prehistoric living in Roots of Pacha is surprisingly comfy, but it can become even better. Many members of the Pachan clan (and even some guests) have ideas that can help improve things even more, unlocking new buildings and tools. In our Roots of Pacha Ideas Guide, we'll go over how Ideas are unlocked and how to complete them.

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Ideas List


You need to gather many materials to complete Ideas, so make sure to check out our guides on farming and animals. A number of them will also involve making new tools, which need items like Flint to craft.

How Roots of Pacha Ideas Work

Ideas are available from the start of Roots of Pacha, with each one being tied to specific NPCs. These NPCs will have an idea for how to make something, and you'll have to give them the materials they need to complete it. All Ideas require a certain amount of time to complete after you hand in the materials, while most also have a Clan Prosperity that must be reached (though this will not show if it's already high enough).

How to Unlock New Ideas in Roots of Pacha

There are 3 ways to unlock new Ideas in Roots of Pacha:


  1. Complete a specific action.
  2. Complete a certain previous Idea.
  3. Reach a certain day.

Ideas are not missable, and all give things that are worth unlocking as soon as possible. Ideas that unlock a new crafting recipe will also give you a free copy of the item as well.

Standing next to a Well in the Middle of the Farming Field in Roots of Patcha

    Roots of Pacha Ideas List

    Idea How to Unlock NPC Wait Time/Other Requirements Materials Unlocks
    Animal Friendship Interact with a wild animal Okka 1 day 10 Plant Fiber Flute tool
    Well Refill water once Voda 1 day 20 Stone Well crafting recipe
    Animal Taming Tame animal Croll 2 days 40 Wood, 30 Stone Can build animal barns
    Animal Riding Tame animal Okka 10,000 Clan Prosperity, 2 days 3 of any Root, 10 Plant Fiber Can ride large animals that trust you
    Plant Nursery Harvest a crop Igrork 6,100 Clan Prosperity, 2 days 5 of any Harvested Crop Plant Nursery building
    Sundial Spring 11 Quro 2 days 50 Stone Sundial building, accurate time
    Obsidian Working Gather Obsidian Acre 2 days 10 Obsidian Tools Station building, able to craft Obsidian tools
    Press Spring 19 Tare 3 days 2 Tomato, 15 Stone, 25 Wood Press crafting recipe
    Mortar and Pestle Spring 23 Daari 2 days 4 of any Grain, 75 Stone Mortar and Pestle recipe
    Composting Spring 24 Ada 2 days 2 of any Feather, 2 Poop, 2 Horns, 2 of any Harvested Crop Composter recipe
    Fermenter Spring 26 Nokk 2 days 25 Wood, 3 of any Fish Fermenter recipe
    Cheese Cloth A few days after completing Fermenter Idea Nokk 52,000 Clan Prosperity, 2 days 20 Wood, 5 of any fur Cheese Cloth recipe
    Trading Summer 2 (after Zelk joins) Zelk 48,000 Clan Prosperity, 3 Days 5 of any Smoked Fish Trading
    A New Way Of Fishing Summer 9 Inza 54,000 Clan Prosperity, 2 days 15 Hardwood, 20 Flint Harpoon tool
    Beekeeping Gather Sunflower (Summer, Fall) Zeda 55,000 Clan Prosperity, 2 days 4 Sunflower, 12 Wood Beehive recipe
    Brewer Summer 15 Ron 66,000 Clan Prosperity, 2 days 5 of any Juice, 5 Hardwood, 20 Plant Fiber Brewer recipe
    Art Station Summer 17 Reese 68,000 Clan Prosperity, 1 day 10 of any Wild Flower, 10 Hardwood Art Station building, new decorations
    Granary Have 8 animals Daari 80,000 Clan Prosperity, 2 days 50 Obsidian, 50 Wood Granary building
    Calendar Summer 27, complete Sundial Idea Gin 2 days 30 Stone, 10 Flint Full calendar
    Breeding Pen Male and Female animal of same species both at rank 6+ Tetih 2 days 50 Flint, 30 Wood, 20 Plant Fiber Breeding Pen building
    Hammering Gather Copper Acre 2 days 15 Copper Tools Station building upgrade, able to craft copper tools
    Spindle Whorl Upgrade Tools Station building Jukk 140,000 Clan Prosperity, 2 days 6 of Any Fur, 8 Bones Spindle Whorl recipe
    Cold Storage Upgrade house once Era 2 days 3 of Any Pot, 10 Stone Store more food items in house

    We're all done with the Roots of Pacha Ideas Guide, but there's more to learn about this game -- enhance your knowledge by checking out our other guides below!


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