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Last Update: May 4, 2023


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You'll be spending a lot of time in Roots of Pacha running around and completing lots of tasks. Your accomplishments are represented as Prophecies, rewarding you for completing all content the game has to offer. In our Roots of Pacha Prophecies Guide, we'll go over how to complete these prophecies and the rewards for doing so.

Completing prophecies will require you to do a lot of things, so make sure to check out our farming, cooking, and fishing guides for more help. You'll also need to explore the caves, which is where you can find Flint as well.


The prophecy menu in Roots of Pacha, highlighting the One With The Wild prophecy.

What are Roots of Pacha Prophecies

Prophecies in Roots of Pacha act as in-game achievements, each requiring four tasks to be completed. They become available a few days into your playthrough, introduced via a cutscene in the Jungle. Each Prophecy requires 4 specific tasks to be completed, and they can then be recorded by returning back to the Jungle pyramid. Each Prophecy completed will reward an accessory, while completing a certain number of Prophecies will expand the Jungle area with new buildings and seeds.

Roots of Pacha Prophecies List

One With The Wild


Reward - Earring of the Will - +15 Max Stamina (+20 when bonded)

  • The lands of Pacha were bountiful - Gather 5 items
  • The waters of Pacha were bountiful - Gather 5 water animals
  • The plants of Pacha abounded - Discover 5 plants
  • The animals of Pacha abounded - See 5 animal heards

Farming Knowledge

  • The plants they grew took a more resilient shape - Gather 12 non-wild crop types
  • They were rewarded for deepening their knowledge of plants - Obtain a best quality harvest
  • They realized the benefit of inviting bees to their garden - Place a beehive
  • They prospered enough to create rivers in their lands - Complete the Irrigation Idea

Sharing With Animals


  • Some animals shared what they laid or produced - Obtain an animal produce
  • Some animals shared their coats with them - Obtain fur
  • Some animals gave them rich nutrients for their plants
  • They witnesses animal births in their village - Breed an animal

What Lies Beneath

  • They found black rocks to create new tools - Gather 5 Obsidian
  • From Glittering Rocks they harnessed power - Obtain 5 Gold Ore
  • They merged the cold rocks to make them stronger - Complete the Smelting Idea
  • Many colorful rocks were found deep within the caves - Obtain all gemstones

Better Together


Reward - Impression Brooch - +5 Gift Giving

  • Guided by the spirits, they traveled to a new land - Celebrate the Rite of Passage
  • They spent time getting to know each other - Reach 2 flowers with 6 Pachans
  • They took the time to celebrate through the seasons - Attend 3 festivals
  • They worked together and became prosperous - Reach 98,000 Clan Prosperity

The Keeper Of Seeds

  • They found many plants for their fields - Gather 20 seeds
  • They learned how to get their own seeds - Make the Plant Nursery
  • They found ways to help the seeds they planted grow stronger - Make fertilizer
  • They even grew trees from seed to plant in their fields - Plant a tree

A Rock Solid Palate

  • They proudly named the many plates they made - Cook 6 different dishes
  • They made tools that improved the way they cooked - Obtain 3 cooking utensils
  • They perfected the quality of their cooking - Cook a best quality dish
  • They contained fire to improve their baking - Obtain a clay oven

Food For Next Season

Reward - Brooch Of The Gatherer - +5 Gathering Yield


  • They used the power of the sun to preserve their food - Use a Solar Dryer
  • They used the smokey power of the fire to preserve their food - Use a Smoker
  • They sipped the fruits of their labor with ease - Use a Press
  • They ground grains and mixed with each - Use the Mortal and Pestle

Fire In Their Hearts

Reward - Ring Of Buzz - +5 Honey Making

  • They got to know each other better - Reach 2 flowers with 1 Mograni
  • They worked together to build a home filled with sweetness - Complete Beekeeping Idea
  • They traded that which was native to their clans - Trade with the Morgrani
  • They explored the culinary arts the northern clan shared with them - Cook a Mograni dish (give Mograni gifts to unlock recipes)

Flowing With Water

Reward - Luring Anklet  - +5 Fish Rarity

  • They got to know each other better - Reach 2 flowers with 1 Yakuan
  • They worked together and started fishing a new way - Complete New Way of Fishing Idea
  • They traded that which was native to their clans - Trade with Yakuans
  • They explored the culinary arts the southern clan shared with them - Cook a Yakuan dish (give Yaukuans gifts to unlock recipes)

Rock Piler

Reward - Earring Of The Woods - +5 Hardwood Chance

Most of these Ideas will pop up during regular gameplay.

  • They found a way to track the time and the days of the year - Build a Sundial and Calendar
  • They designed a place for their animals to live with them - Build an Animal Shed
  • They dedicated a space to create their art - Build an Art Station
  • They invented a place to store food for them and their animals - Build a Granary

Befriending Beasts

Reward - Gentle Touch Bangle - +5 Animal Friendship (+7 Animal Friendship, +1 Riding Mastery when bonded)

Animals can be found outside the village. You'll need to tame and invite one non-pet to your village to complete "They traveled far with the help of animals".

  • Some animals wanted to live with them - Tame an animal
  • They traveled far with the help of animals - Ride an animal
  • Some animals greeted them like a friend - Pet an animal
  • They competed to show whose animal was the fastest - Compete in a race

Protected By The Spirits

Just progress through the caves and you'll naturally complete these challenges.

  • A totem challenged them to guide the light - Complete Owl's challenge
  • A totem challenged them to be playful - Complete Monkey's challenge
  • A totem challenged them to be shrewd - Complete Bear's challenge
  • Their ancestors gave a hand and contributed to their prosperity - Connect with your ancestors in the cave

Food For Next Year

All of these are related to completing Ideas and obtaining new ways of processing certain items.

  • They made their juices and grain drinks bubble - Use a Brewer
  • The made their milk curdle - Use a Cheese Cloth
  • They aged and added spices to the food they preserved - Use a Cask
  • They preserved their foods in a sour water - Use a Pickler

We've reached the end of the Roots of Pacha Prophecies Guide, but I have one more prediction: the spirits are telling me that you should read our other guides below!

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