How to Get Flint in Roots of Pacha

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How to Get Flint in Roots of Pacha - Cover Image Player Character Holding Flint in a Cave

Our guide will tell you how to get Flint in Roots of Pacha. This useful material will help you get upgraded Tools and unlock new resources!

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Once you have the basics of the game down, Roots of Pacha will give you a whole new world to explore full of Seeds, Animals, and more. You won't be able to get far without getting some new Tools, though, and that requires Flint -- read on to learn about how to get it!

What is Flint Used for in Roots of Pacha?

Flint is primarily used for upgrading your Tools -- it will let you get the Flint Axe and the Flint Hammer. The Flint Axe allows you to cut down Hardwood trees and the Flint Hammer allows you to destroy sturdier rocks.

How to Get Flint in Roots of Pacha - Trees Needed for the Totem

How to Get Flint in Roots of Pacha

Getting this new material is an important step in your progression. Fortunately, it's not too hard to do it, and you can get Flint on Day 4. Here's how to get Flint in Roots of Pacha.

First, head into the Forest. You're going to need 1 Pinecone or 1 Pomegranate which you can get by shaking either of the trees shown in the above image. Once you have this item, continue heading up until you get to the Cave. (Don't forget to check for any respawned Seeds along the way!)

If you've never been in the Cave, you'll meet an adorable glowing armadillo who tells you to smash Rocks so you can open up the next area. Start busting Rocks with your Handaxe until the next area opens. Then, repeat the process until you find a gigantic armadillo statue.

This statue is your first Totem. Select the Pinecone or Pomegranate on your hotbar and give it to the statue. This will start a challenge. The challenge is to count how many unique glowing armadillos you saw. The answer is 5.

Once you've completed the challenge, the next section of the Cave will open, giving you access to new Rocks that have Flint in them. Break these Rocks and you'll get the Flint you need to upgrade your Tools. You can continue moving deeper into the cave by breaking Rocks to open up new paths if you'd like to, but you'll have to complete yet another challenge to progress further.

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