The Quarry Evidence Collectibles Guide

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The Quarry Evidence Collectibles Guide

Evidence can be harder to find in The Quarry than you might've expected, which is why we've constructed this guide to help you find it with ease. Here's our The Quarry Evidence Guide!

Why You Should Try to Find All of The Quarry's Evidence

Of The Quarry's many collectibles, Evidence is easily the most important for you to track down. In addition to shedding light on the cause of the nightmare the characters find themselves in, these items also lead to a hidden happy ending for the characters you'll likely be trying to help through their ordeal.

To get every piece though, you'll need to make some specific choices in the game; some of which won't seem relevant until you're well past them. That's why we're here to walk you through how to get every piece of Evidence and what you need to do to get each piece.

Which Choices Affect Evidence Discovery

Before going any further, it's worth pointing out the make or break choices that you'll need to make in order to find all of The Quarry's Evidence.

First off, you'll need to take the Rotor Arm out of the van as Jacob in Chapter 1. If you don't do this, you'll be unable to find the third piece of Evidence in Chapter 3.

Next, you'll need to search the bag found in the treehouse as Emma in Chapter 4. This allows you to get a taser and bear spray. Directly after this, you'll need to choose to tase the monster that attacks her, opening up the opportunity to nab the fourth piece of Evidence.

Aside from these instances, you'll be able to find the rest of these collectibles with some general exploration. All the same though, we've got exact directions laid out for you down below.

Where to Find the First Piece of The Quarry's Evidence

The Quarry Evidence 1 Screenshot

There's no Evidence to track down in the game's Prelude, so the first piece of The Quarry's Evidence is found in Chapter 1.

While exploring the camper cabin area as Abi, head toward the large tree at the center of the structures. Look for the portion of the tree that has been carved into, and then examine it once you get close enough to trigger the glimmer of blue light.

Once you do, a cutscene will trigger and Abi's attention will be drawn to a vial nestled into a split in the tree. The collectible will then be triggered as discovered.

Where to Find the Second Piece of Evidence

The Quarry Evidence 2 Screenshot

The next piece of Evidence is found in Chapter 2. Specifically, it's found in the locked storage room of the shop Emma and Jacob explore together.

After discovering the storage room and requesting Jacob's help to get it open, walk over to the upper left corner of the room. Once you do, the option to examine some torn camping bags will appear, and Emma will note them as something worth remembering. They'll register as found Evidence shortly after.

Where to Find the Third Piece of The Quarry's Evidence

The Quarry Evidence 3 Screenshot

The third piece of The Quarry's Evidence is one of the easiest to miss, but shouldn't be hard for you to obtain if you followed the directions laid out at the start of the guide.

Once you reach the portion of Chapter 3 where Jacob and Emma swim in the lake together, you'll come to a point where Jacob realizes he dropped the Rotor Arm in the lake. Choose to Jump In and find it instead of investigating the nearby scream.

As Jacob swims deeper, choose to continue diving down for it. You'll then encounter a quick time event you'll need to clear to grab it. Clear the QTE, and then as Jacob resurfaces he'll find a bloated corpse weighed down into the lakebed, which he'll remember for later as proof all is not right at the camp.

Where to Find the Fourth Piece of Evidence

The Quarry Evidence 4 Screenshot

So long as you followed the instructions laid out above, this is by far the easiest of The Quarry's Evidence to get.

After using Emma's taser to tase the monster in Chapter 4, choose to take a picture of the beast. This will count as proof of the monster's existence and trigger as a found collectible.

Where to Find the Fifth Piece of The Quarry's Evidence

The Quarry Evidence 5 Screenshot

The next of these collectibles is found in the segment of Chapter 5 centered around Dylan and Ryan.

After the two reach the camper cabin area, make your way to the radio building. Before talking to Ryan to head inside, examine the claw marks to the left of the entrance. Dylan will photograph these for later and trigger the collectible as discovered.

Whereto Find the Sixth Piece of Evidence

The Quarry Evidence 6 Screenshot

Next up is the Evidence found in Chapter 6 of The Quarry, and you'll be able to find it while playing as Jacob.

As you make your way across the wooden walkway, head toward the upper right segment. Once there, look for the point in the upper right corner that you can examine. Once you investigate this point, Jacob will find a discarded camera with a memory card still inside it.

He'll then pick it up so that he can check it later for proof, triggering the collectible as found.

Where to Find the Seventh Piece of The Quarry's Evidence

The Quarry Evidence 7 Screenshot

The Seventh Piece of The Quarry's Evidence can be found once Laura is able to explore the police station.

After she's decided to explore, head to the upper right corner of the station toward Travis' office door. Directly across from it is a copier with the option to examine it. Investigate the copier, and you'll discover an unsent Cease and Desist letter which Laura will ensure isn't forgotten once it's time to present proof of her innocence.

Where to Find the Eighth Piece of Evidence

The Quarry Evidence 8 Screenshot

The Eighth piece of Evidence can be obtained by Laura while exploring the abandoned mine tunnels.

After clearing the segment where her and Ryan jump over a gap, make your way to the stone walkways with metal railings. On the segment before the walkway ends, circle around to the right side and you'll find a lump of flesh that Laura will examine and document.

Where to Find the Ninth Piece of The Quarry's Evidence

The Quarry Evidence 9 Screenshot

Next up is the ninth piece of The Quarry's Evidence, which can be found as Ryan in the Hackett house during Chapter 9.

After escaping the family and winding up in a locked room, look for the side table with an examinable box sitting on top of it. Examine the box, and Ryan will discover a confession letter written by a member of the family. He'll then photograph it, and the collectible will trigger as found.

Where to find the Tenth Piece of Evidence

The Quarry Evidence 10 Screenshot

The last piece of Evidence can be found in Chapter 10.

After taking control of Kaitlyn, head up to the second level of the Lodge. Make your way to the staircase that leads up to the highest level of the lodge, and then go up into the room with the yellow couch. Back and to the left from the couch is a cardboard box, and if you examine it you'll find tapes used to record trail cam footage collected by Chris Hackett.

Kaitlyn will then take a picture of the tapes as proof of what occurred throughout the course of the night.

Hopefully this helped you track down All of The Quarry's Evidence collectibles. For more on The Quarry and other horror titles, check out some of our other articles down below.

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