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The Quarry's true ending is a challenging one to unlock, requiring specific actions to be taken throughout the entirety of your playthrough. That's why we're here to guide you through it step by step. Here's our guide to unlocking The Quarry True Ending.

What Is the True Ending of The Quarry?

To clarify, The Quarry's true ending is more than getting every character through the night without dying. It also sees most every surviving character earn a happy ending, and requires you to do some extra leg work in addition to making all the correct choices.

To that end, we've laid out each step you'll need to take chapter by chapter, as well as how to get the specific items you'll need to trigger the happiest ending for the characters possible.

Before we get into it though, it's worth mentioning that there are some select QTEs you'll want to fail in order to avoid certain character deaths. We'll let you know exactly when they occur, so don't worry about being caught off guard.

Likewise, you'll need to find every Evidence collectible during this playthrough. While most aren't hard to find, a few can only be obtained through very specific methods or else you'll be locked out. We'll provide the info needed to track them down in this guide, but we also recommend using our dedicated Evidence Collectibles guide if you need additional info.

Chapters: Prelude | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10

Choices to Make in the Prelude

The Quarry Gored Sheep Screenshot
Relax - Despite how this may look, there's no chance of losing a character here.

The Quarry's Prelude section is easy enough to get through without making major mistakes. Likewise, there are no pieces of Evidence to gather. Focus on being friendly with both Max and the cop Travis, and you'll set yourself up for success in later chapters.

Below are the actions you'll need to take in the order that they appear.

  • Catch the Phone (Clear QTE)
  • Choose to take the map out of the bag
  • Avoid hitting the stump with Max's car (Clear QTE)
  • Snoop in the back of Max's trunk to find his college rejection letter
  • Choose the Compliant response when Max says to stay close
  • Dodge the branch while Laura's running away (Clear QTE)
  • Respond honestly to Travis about why you're in the woods
  • Respond honestly to Travis about what you saw
  • Choose to be Friendly with Travis when he questions you further
  • Choose to be Compliant when Travis asks you to go to the Harbinger Motel
  • Respond as Relieved when talking to Max about Travis
  • Choose the Wrenches when trying to break open the storm cellar doors
  • Be Confident when Max asks if you're sure the Wrenches will work
  • Help Max after he's injured by the monster

Choices to Make in Chapter 1 to Get The Quarry's True Ending

Next up is The Quarry's first real chapter. There are a few key choices that you have to make here in order to get the True Ending, so stick to the path we lay out vigilantly.

  • Choose Jacob's Reflective response when talking to Kaitlyn about love
  • Choose the Playful response as the conversation continues
  • Choose the Mischievous response when talking to Kaitlyn about Ryan
  • Choose the Brave response when talking about Jacob's breakup
  • *IMPORTANT* After loading the bags into the car, choose to remove the Rotor Arm from the van. A piece of evidence won't be available in Chapter 3 otherwise
  • Catch the phone thrown by Dylan (Clear QTE)
  • Choose the Friendly response when Dylan mocks Jacob
  • High five Emma as Abi (Clear QTE)
  • *IMPORTANT*: Choose to Break In to the cabin for your bags. As soon as you're inside, look to your right to find a toy left behind by the campers
  • *IMPORTANT*: Choose to Keep the stuffed animal
  • *IMPORTANT*: Go to the tree at the center of the cabin area and examine the carved portion. This will trigger Abi finding the first piece of evidence
The Quarry Evidence 1 Screenshot
  • Respond Enthusiastically to leave the cabin area
  • Turn in time to avoid the rock in the road (Clear QTE)
  • Choose to take the Scenic Route
  • Choose to be Supportive when talking to Emma about her passions
  • Nudge Nick into helping Abi
  • Choose to be Friendly when asking Nick about his podcast
  • Choose to be Supportive when Nick talks about ghost stories
  • Be Understanding when Mr. H doesn't let the counselors charge their phones
  • Eavesdrop on Mr. H's phonecall
  • Be Concerned when MR. H is stressed about getting everyone home on time
  • Respond as Apologetic when Mr. H tells Nick about how he scared the campers
  • Be Inquisitive when Mr. H continues to act stressed
  • Catch the keys Mr. H throws to you (Clear QTE)
  • Be Compliant when Mr. H says to keep everyone inside
  • Respond as Curious when Dylan hints at throwing a party
  • Be Supportive when Abi gets scared at how Mr. H was acting
  • Respond as Reluctant so that Nick goes along with the party

Choices to Make in Chapter 2

Next up is Chapter 2 of The Quarry. There aren't as many run-breaking choices you'll need to make here to get the True Ending, but there is a piece of Evidence you won't want to miss out on.

  • Choose to Kick the door in as Emma
  • Don't scare Jacob when you find the Clown Mask and Fake Spider
  • Call for Jacob to help open the storage door
  • *IMPORTANT* Examine the torn bags in the top left corner of the storage room. They'll trigger the second piece of Evidence being collected
The Quarry Evidence 2 Screenshot
  • Pick up the shotgun in the storage room
  • Leave the Fireworks in the safe after you open it
  • Be Affectionate to Jacob when he finds Peanut Butter Butter Pops
  • Choose the Friendly response while Dylan and Ryan are talking about podcasts
  • Respond as Sarcastic while examining the phone
  • Be Playful when you discover the trap door
  • Choose to Climb Down through the trap door to discover the basement
  • Choose to be Playful while sitting at Mr. H's desk
  • Choose to be Playful when examining the gun
  • Catch the keys to unlock the private area (Clear QTE)
  • Choose the Mischievous response when you find the surveillance room
  • Choose the Shady Glade route for Abi and Nick to walk down
  • Respond as Reassuring when Abi confides in Nick
  • Be Sincere when when Abi is sketching the view
  • Have Nick Save Abi from the boar
  • Hold your breath until the boar leaves Nick alone
  • Have Nick be Cheerful about the encounter
  • Have Kaitlyn be Serious when Abi and Nick arrive
  • Choose the Stern response to Jacob
  • Have Nick be Hopeful about himself and Abi
  • Be Friendly at the end of the shooting competition
  • Interrupt Dylan when he asks Abi a truth
  • Choose to answer a Truth as Ryan
  • Have Ryan give the Mischievous response
  • Choose Kaitlyn as the next responder
  • Ask Kaitlyn the Mischievous question

Choices to Make in Chapter 3 to Get The Quarry's True Ending

The Quarry Locals True Ending Screenshot
Things will start to get serious from here on out.

Chapter 3 is where it starts to get harder to earn The Quarry's True Ending. You'll need to make specific choices to ensure every character stays unharmed while also nabbing the chapter's Evidence piece.

  • Call Back to Nick when he comes looking for Abi
  • Be Honest when Nick asks Abi about what happened
  • Be Cautious when Abi asks Nick about how he feels
  • Choose to Kiss Nick
  • Help Nick after he gets attacked
  • Jump over the log (Clear QTE)
  • Choose to Run
  • Keep Abi Running (Clear rapid-press QTE)
  • Choose to Run again
  • Hold your Breath until it's safe
  • Have Jacob be Enthusiastic about swimming with Emma
  • Don't Splash Emma
  • Choose to be Flirty as the conversation continues
  • *IMPORTANT* Choose to Dive In after the Rotor Arm
  • Swim Deeper to keep going after the Rotor Arm
  • Grab the Rotor Arm (Clear QTE). This will cause Jacob to see the Bloated Corpse Evidence
The Quarry Bloated Corpse True Ending Screenshot
  • Choose to Untangle Jacob's arm on the way back up
  • Be Worried when Abi returns without Nick
  • Be Assertive about going to look for Nick
  • Choose to Take the Shortcut
  • Make every jump without failing (Clear all QTEs)
  • Continue to Take the Shortcut
  • Make every jump without failing (Clear all QTEs)
  • Clear the high step (Clear QTE)
  • Shout at the local taking Nick
  • Shoot the local in the torso or arm
  • Don't Call Out when Jacob hears a noise
  • Attempt to untie the snare trap (Clear QTE)
  • Choose the Pleading response when the local approaches Jacob
  • Don't Throw Dirt at the local after he frees Jacob

Choices to Make in Chapter 4

The Quarry Counselors
Guns will start to play a bigger part in the story, but be careful how you use them.

Things continue to ramp up in Chapter 4, with several opportunities to lock yourself out of The Quarry's True Ending if you aren't careful.

  • Apply Pressure to Nick's wound
  • Continue applying pressure until the bleeding slows (Clear rapid-press QTE)
  • Give the Dismissive response when Dylan suggests amputating Nick's leg
  • Call Out to the person in the bushes
  • Don't Shoot at the movement in the bushes
  • Don't Shoot when the movement continues
  • Choose the Questioning response when Jacob reveals himself
  • Hold onto the gun (Clear rapid-press QTE)
  • Explore the Low Road as Emma
  • Choose the Reflective option when Emma vents
  • Turn back and go up the High Road
  • Choose the Compassionate option while Emma vents
  • *IMPORTANT* Check the bag in the treehouse to find a Taser and Bear Spray
  • IMPORTANT* Choose to Use the Taser on the monster. This will allow you to Take a Picture as this chapter's Evidence piece
  • Keep your footing (Clear QTE)
  • Use the Zipline (Clear rapid-press QTE)
  • Use the Bear Spray
  • Hop over both bumps (Clear both QTEs)
  • Use the Trap Door to Escape
  • Dodge the monster's swing (Clear QTE)
  • Knock over the cabinet (Clear QTE)
  • Climb up the ladder quickly (Clear rapid-press QTE)
  • Be Optimistic about the group's safety
  • Be Hopeful about Nick's chances
  • Be Determined when calling for help
  • Be Suspicious when the line cuts out
  • Remain Calm when Ryan asks why Dylan wants the gun
  • Be Defensive when he asks Dylan to give the gun to Kaitlyn
  • Give the Gun to Kaitlyn
  • *IMPORTANT* Reel the Zipline in Slowly
  • *IMPORTANT* Don't Speed Up while bringing the handle in

Choices to Make in Chapter 5 to Get The Quarry's True Ending

Chapter 5 of The Quarry is less intense than the last chapter, but it still has some big choices you'll need to make to ensure everyone's survival.

  • Have Nick be Grateful to Abi for getting him help
  • Don't Speak Up when the group hears a noise upstairs
  • Be Reassuring when Kaitlyn is worried about leaving Abi and Nick
  • Move to the right (Clear QTE)
  • Move to the Left (Clear QTE)
  • Hold your Breath until it's safe 
  • Get down the stairs safely (Clear QTE)
  • Respond Confidently when Nick is talking to Abi
  • Hide when the local approaches the group 
  • Hold your breath until it's safe
  • *IMPORTANT* Examine the wall to the left of the radio building entrance. There are some Claw Marks Dylan will document as evidence
The Quarry Evidence 5 Screenshot
  • Respond as Interested while talking to Dylan about his radio knowledge
  • Be Concerned when the locals mention knowing where Ryan and Dylan are
  • Be Apologetic when the monster is discovered outside the radio building
  • Don't Shoot when the monster is on the radio building roof
  • Be Aggressive when the monster could endanger the group
  • Be confident when Dylan isn't sure about trying to get rid of the monster
  • Be Calm when Dylan is trying to create a distraction
  • Choose the Desperate response when Dylan gets bitten
  • *IMPORTANT*: Use the Chainsaw to cut off Dylan's hand
  • Be Uncertain about whether the group can relax

Choices to Make in Chapter 6

Chapter 6 is one of The Quarry's shorter sections, but there are still segments you'll want to make specific choices in.

  • *IMPORTANT* As you make your way across the wooden walkway as Jacob, head toward the upper right corner of the walkway. There will be a discarded camera you can examine, and its memory card will count as this chapter's Evidence
The Quarry Evidence 6 Screenshot
  • Respond as Delighted to see Emma safe
  • Be Apologetic when Jacob loses his temper
  • Dodge the monster's swipe (Clear QTE)
  • Hide from the monster
  • Hold your Breath until it's safe
  • Pry Open the bear trap
  • Be Compassionate when Ryan is shaken up
  • Intervene when Nick won't let Abi go
  • Help Nick out of the water
  • Be Calm while Nick questions Abi
  • Be Compassionate when Nick gets aggressive
  • Shoot Nick in the chest
  • Don't Run when Emma finds the locals
  • Be Reassuring when Abi regrets shooting Nick
  • Be Suspicious when Laura asks to join the group
  • Be Interested when Laura tries to explain herself

Choices to Make in Chapter 7 to Get The Quarry's True Ending

The Quarry Chapter 7 True Ending Screenshot
Enjoy the brief respite during Chapter 7. Things will get intense in the following segments.

Chapter 7 is a largely risk-free segment of The Quarry. There won't be any immediate threats to the characters, and you'll be focused on building up relationships with key characters which go toward unlocking the True Ending.

  • Don't Call Out as the cop passes Laura's cell
  • Be Compliant when Travis questions Laura
  • Be Compliant as the Questioning continues
  • Be Intrigued when Travis lets slip some information
  • Choose to be Pleading when Travis won't explain himself
  • Don't Lash Out when Travis keeps Laura and Max locked up
  • Choose to be Concerned about Max
  • Be Disappointed when Max doesn't know anything
  • Be Compliant when Travis says they need to stay in jail
  • Choose the Worried response when Max is taken away
  • Choose the Fearful response when Travis gets harsh
  • Be Serious when checking in on Max
  • Choose the Reflective option when considering how Travis has acted
The Quarry Travis True Ending Screenshot
  • Be Encouraging when Max is depressed
  • Be Empathetic about Max's not getting into college
  • Be Calm when Ryan doubts Laura
  • Act Curious about getting on Travis' good side
  • Be Optimistic about the plan working
  • Be Understanding when Travis doesn't believe your flattery
  • Don't Call for Help when Laura gets the opportunity
  • Choose to be Compassionate with Max as he transforms
  • *IMPORTANT* Explore the jail and examine the copier outside Travis' office. Laura will find a Cease and Desist letter she can use as Evidence
The Quarry Evidence 7 Screenshot
  • Explore the upper level of the police station and find the tranquilizer needle
  • *IMPORTANT* Head back to Laura's cell. Examine the wall on the left to hide the needle, and then go to bed
  • Be Honest With Travis about why Laura didn't run
  • Don't Take Travis' gun when his guard is down
  • Choose the confused response when Travis reveals what the monsters are
  • Choose to be Encouraging when Travis says he wants to end the werewolf's curse
  • Be Resigned when Max asks if Laura believes Travis
  • Be Empathetic when Max apologizes to Laura
  • Catch the cup before it hits the ground (Clear QTE)
  • Respond as Anxious when Laura and Max escape the prison
  • Be Reassuring when Dylan worries about Jacob and Emma
  • Show Laura's bite to the group
  • Choose to be Pleading when Jacob is locked up by the locals

Choices to Make in Chapter 8

The stakes ramp back up in Chapter 8, and you'll need to be mindful if you want to successfully reach The Quarry's True Ending.

  • Make Ryan act Uncertain about hurting Laura
  • Be Curious about Laura hearing a woman crying
  • Be suspicious when Laura is excited by Abi's bracelet
  • Be Guarded when Laura realizes Ryan knows where Chris Hackett lives
  • Be Compassionate when Laura is insistent on killing Chris
  • Be Friendly when Laura isn't sure about Ryan joining her
  • Be Inquisitive when Ryan and Laura start talking
  • Be Reflective when Ryan doesn't trust Laura
  • Be Compassionate when Ryan is hesitant to help Laura
  • Jump past the gap (Clear QTE)
  • *IMPORTANT* Make your way around to the right side of the upper walkway after clearing the jump QTE. You'll find a lump of flesh Laura will document as Evidence
The Quarry Evidence 8 Screenshot
  • Be Patient when Ryan is sarcastic to Laura
  • Pry the board out of Laura and Ryan's way (Clear rapid-press QTE)
  • Be Honest about how the lodge was damaged
  • Be Encouraging when Dylan isn't sure he can help
  • Don't slip in the oil (Clear QTE)
  • Don't try to Open the Cage by hand
  • Stop Laura from shooting the trapped werewolf
  • *IMPORTANT* Help Jacob escape. Flip Breaker 1 and then Breaker 2. Continue helping him after the middle cage opens. Flip Breaker 2 and Breaker 3, and he'll be able to escape to safety.

Choices to Make in Chapter 9 to Get The Quarry's True Ending

The Quarry Bloody Character True Ending Screenshot
Be vigilant. The Threats ahead will be some of the most challenging to avoid.

The Quarry approaches its climax in Chapter 9, and the stakes will be higher with every decision you make. Be cautious, and follow these next instructions to the letter to unlock the True Ending.

  • Stay Positive when Dylan thinks about his missing hand
  • Be Curious when Dylan questions Kaitlyn about their standing with Ryan
  • Be Curious when Dylan wonders whether Ryan likes Laura
  • Be Curious when talking to Emma about why she stays positive
  • FAIL the rapid press QTE so the Hackett Matriarch doesn't get shot
  • Cause a Distraction as Laura so Ryan can escape
  • Spit in The Matriarch's face so Laura can escape
  • *IMPORTANT* Don't pull the knife out of Ryan's side
  • *IMPORTANT* While exploring the room as Ryan, examine the box on the dresser first and foremost. Inside is a confession letter written by Chris Hackett's daughter, which Ryan will document as Evidence.
The Quarry Evidence 9 Screenshot
  • Hide in the Cabinet
  • Hold your Breath until it's safe
  • Don't play the piano
  • Clear the QTEs as Laura defends herself
  • Attack the Hackett Patriarch
  • FAIL the rapid-press QTE so Laura doesn't kill the Patriarch
  • Maneuver Ryan through the wall gaps (Clear QTEs)
  • Hold your Breath until it's safe
  • DON'T stab Bobby
  • Be sympathetic when Laura feels guilty
  • Accept Laura's Bite so that Ryan becomes infected
  • Don't pull away during the bite
  • Encourage Kaitlyn to watch Dylan's back
  • Warn Kaitlyn that a werewolf is coming
  • Lift the Car up
  • Sound the Horn to distract the werewolf
  • Activate the torch (Clear rapid-press QTE)
  • Dodge left (Clear QTE)
  • Move the car into position (Clear QTE)
  • *IMPORTANT* When you gain control of Abi, go to the staircase until the camera shifts to reveal the Hierophant Tarot Card. Trigger the card and then find the ladder leading to the surveillance room.
The Quarry Hierophant Card Screenshot
  • *IMPORTANT* Once you regain control of Ryan, shoot the werewolf in either the head or torso
  • Be Suspicious of Travis after he spares Laura and asks for her help

Choices to Make in Chapter 10

Chapter 10 is the last barrier standing between you and unlocking The Quarry's True Ending. Stay calm, and carefully follow our instructions.

  • Dodge to the left (Clear QTE)
  • *IMPORTANT* Stay on the Island as Max
  • *IMPORTANT* Once you gain control of Kaitlyn, head up to the second floor of the lodge. Make your way to the room with the yellow couch, and then search the left side of the room for a cardboard box you can examine. Look inside, and you'll find trail cam footage that Kaitlyn will document as Evidence
The Quarry Evidence 10 Screenshot
  • Have Kaitlyn Run from the werewolf
  • Choose to escape across the Beam
  • Continue to Run from the werewolf
  • Hold your breath until it's safe
  • Go toward the freezer
  • Use the Decoy (Stuffed Animal in Abi's backpack) to lure the werewolf into the Freezer
  • Shut the freezer door (Clear rapid-press QTE)
  • Be Inquisitive while Laura questions Travis
  • Prevent Laura hurting her head (Clear QTE)
  • Grab the Gun to shoot Silas
  • Take Cover in the back seat
  • Pull the Emergency Brake to shake Silas off the car
  • Be Determined when Travis asks if Laura's ready
  • Give Ryan the Werewolf Blood
  • Choose the Probing option while questioning Travis about Silas
  • Choose the Reflective option after learning Silas' origin
  • Raise the Gun to Shoot Silas
  • Shoot Silas in the head or torso

That's everything you'll need to know to unlock The Quarry's True Ending. For more on The Quarry and other horror titles, check out some of our other articles down below:

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