The Quarry DLC Throws Fans Back to the '50's

It's time for a major throwback to the 1950s with the upcoming Quarry DLC, where players can unlock 50's apparel

Published: October 24, 2022 3:00 PM /


The quarry DLC update header image showing the newest outfits coming right out of the 1950s

The Quarry DLC is coming our way, where not only do we see some iconic-looking fits, we see a free trial version for players to sink their teeth into -- no pun intended. Not only that, but these new outfits are coming straight out of the 1950s.

The interactive horror game, The Quarry, gained some traction after its release, giving players a true sense of gratification upon completion, and now the devs at Supermassive Games and publishers at 2K Games have announced a DLC is finally here. Fans can get the content completely free until November 1, 2022, and they will be able to get their hands on some pretty neat looking 1950s style outfits. One thing that we noticed while watching the trailers for this new update is some of the outfits looked oddly familiar.

Screenshot from the Quarry trailer, where we see three of the characters fireside wearing outfits that look like they come from Scooby Doo

Can you say jinkies? These outfits right here look to be heavily inspired by Mystery Inc, as if Velma and Daphne have somehow decided to hang out fireside with Fred as they are about to be eaten alive by werewolves. Now, there hasn't been any information released as of yet to confirm this theory, but zoinks, Scoob! These fits definitely seem to be on par with the old TV show we knew and loved.

With this DLC we also learn that there will now be a free trial version available, meaning those who have yet to venture to the Campgrounds will be able to test it out with no obligation to purchase. The free trial version will also allow players to have a taste of the multiplayer mode, Wolf Pack Mode. This mode allows for a player who owns the full version of The Quarry to invite up to seven other campers to join them in creating a brand new story of their very own. All of the players involved will be able to contribute to the story via the QTEs, making it a truly one-of-a-kind experience. 

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