Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Grand Underground Guide

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Grand Underground Guide

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is now in the hands of Pokemon fans worldwide. When the original games were released in 2008 one of the key features for multiplayer connectivity was the Underground. Here players could explore with friends, dig up special rocks and fossils, and create secret bases. Now in this Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Grand Underground Guide we explore all the new enhancements that have been made adding wild pokemon encounters and new base mechanics. But first of all, how do you get into the Grand Underground?

How do I get the Explorer Kit in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

In Eterna City enter the building to the right of the Pokemon Center. This is the master digger's house.

What can I do in the Grand Underground?

  • Dig up fossils and other items
  • Create a secret base
  • Encounter pokemon not native to the Sinnoh region
  • After obtaining the National Dex you'll be able to find Mysterious Shards that allow you to catch Legendary Pokemon in Ramanas Park

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Grand Underground Mining

How to dig for fossils and treasure?

On the mini-map in the top left you'll see orange dots that indicate where you can dig into the wall. Once you start digging you'll be informed how many hidden items there are and you can go to town breaking the wall. Too much and it will cave in and you'll lose the items

Some items you can find while digging

  • Fossils - used to revive extinct Pokemon
  • Spheres - can be used to trade for items in the underground. The available items rotate with different merchants and different days. Items include other spheres, items for your secret base, or TMs
  • Heart Scale - Can be used at the move relearner

Where do I take fossils?

In Oreburg City travel to the museum north of the Pokemon center. At the counter, you'll see a scientist. Talk with him to have him revive your fossil, you'll need to leave and re-enter the area. Note: Make sure you have a space in your party for the Pokemon!

How to access all of the Grand Underground?

When you first drop into the Grand Underground you can view your full map by pressing in on the right thumbstick. You'll notice there's a lot of grey areas you can't travel to. Depending on where you attempt to access the Grand Underground you'll end up in a different place.

The Grand Underground mirrors the overworld map so if there's somewhere you want to go then go to a similar area in Sinnoh and dig down. For example, if you want to get to the lower-left portion of the Grand Underground you should dig in Oreburg city.

Finding Diglett in the Grand Underground

As you're roaming the halls of the Grand Underground you'll randomly see Diglett or Dugtrio showing up around the place. Running into them will cause the counter underneath the Grand Underground map to start counting up towards 40. The Diglett will appear randomly, even in places you've already been. If you're close to getting 40 then make sure you don't leave as that will reset your progress.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Grand Underground

How to become a master digger?

There are a series of quests given to you by the old Master Digger that he wants you to complete after you've returned from the Grand Underground for the first time. You'll need to talk to him in his house to get these missions.

  1. Dig up Treasure in the underground
    • Return to the Grand Underground and find a point on the map with an orange dot. Successfully retrieve one treasure and head back to the surface
    • Reward: 1x Digger Drill
  2. Make a Secret Base
    • In the Grand Underground use your Digger Drill on any wall and step inside the newly created base
    • Reward: Quick Balls, Dusk Balls, Dive Balls
  3. Set up a statue in a Secret Base
    • Dig underground until you uncover a Pretty Box. Return to your secret base and place the statue you found.
    • Reward: Square Pedestal XS

What are the squares on the map?

The Grand Underground connects subterranean pathways with areas that act like the Wild Area of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Here you can see Pokemon roaming freely. You'll also see there are biomes of different sizes. When you first start out your adventure you'll find a standard assortment of Pokemon such as Bidoof, Shellos, Togepi, and others. As you progress through the game be sure to return to the Grand Underground frequently as you'll be able to access all kinds of other new Pokemon at stronger levels

The Biomes we've encountered so far are as follows:

  • Small Biomes
    • Fountainspring Path
    • Spacious Cave
    • Rocky Cave
    • Swampy Cave
    • Riverbank Cave
    • Volcanic Cave
  • Large Biomes
    • Big Bluff Canyon
    • Sunlit Cavern

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Grand Underground Box

What are Statues and their effects?

Statues can be found in stone boxes that you'll come across while digging underground. These statue boxes take up a 3x3 spot on the digging screen so if you're hunting for them specifically you can dig every 3 spots for a maximal searching pattern. They're detailed statues of Pokemon. Each statue has the ability to increase the spawn rate of certain types of pokemon within the Grand Underground when placed in your Secret Base.

There are three different types of statue boxes that you'll find as you search through the Grand Underground.

  • Pretty Stone Box - These will give you a stone statue and will give you the flat bonus to encountering that type of Pokemon
  • Gorgeous Stone Box - These will give you a jade green statue and will give you 2x the bonus to encountering that type of Pokemon
  • Statues of Legendary Pokemon can be obtained by catching the relevant Legendary Pokemon in Ramanas Park. This will give you 3x the bonus to encountering that type of Pokemon.

The Statue that you put in your secret base might all affect different Pokemon types but only ONE bonus can be applied at any time. The Bonus that you'll see is based on whatever type has been placed first. Each additional statue with that typing will further add to the bonus that you'll receive from that status.

Where can I find more Pedestals?

Though the Pedestals don't give any additional effect they can be an added touch to your Secret Base making your statues look more sophisticated. You can get pedestals by

  • Purchasing them from the Veilstone Department Store
  • Trading Spheres for them with the hikers in the Grand Underground

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