Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Update 1.20 Blocks Modded Pokemon from Link Trades & Battles

Published: February 22, 2022 1:46 PM /


Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Update 1.20 cover

Modded Pokemon will no longer be allowed in Link Trades and Link Battles as of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Update 1.20, but it's not all bad news -- Union Rooms and the Colosseum have been improved.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is a remastered version of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl that launched on the Nintendo Switch late last year. Although there were some issues with launch such as the reported cancellation of Target's pre-order bonus merch and a dupe glitch, it nonetheless turned out to be a pretty solid revival of a classic Pokemon game. Now, a new update has arrived which puts the kibosh on using modded Pokemon.


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What's New in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Update 1.20?

The most notable addition in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Update 1.20 is the blocking of using modded Pokemon in Link Trades or Link Battles -- check out what the update notes say:

  • Pokemon Trading and Battles
    • Some Pokémon acquired via unintended methods or illicit modification now cannot be used in Link Trades or Link Battles.

While the bit about "illicit modification" is pretty understandable, it's not quite clear what "acquired via unintended methods" means. I imagine this would cover people getting legitimate Pokemon through the use of an exploit or a third-party program such as a trainer.

This change aside, there are also two new additions detailed in the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Update 1.20 patch notes. The first is some improvements to the Union Room: the maximum number of players has been increased.

The final addition in today's update is the addition of Colosseum battle features. Players can now go to the second floor of any Pokemon Center to duke it out with other Trainers using custom rules. Examples for custom rules include the ability to restrict the number of Pokemon in a battle and/or their levels. Players can participate in Single Battles, Double Battles, or Multi Battles using these custom rules via local or Internet play.

Today's Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Update is pretty solid all around. If you haven't yet jumped into the latest Pokemon game, you can buy Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Pokemon Shining Pearl for the Nintendo Switch at the price of $59.99 or your regional equivalent via its official website.




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