Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Shaymin Glitch Guide

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Shaymin Glitch Guide

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and now out and there's a lot of Legendary Pokemon to catch. Much like the original 2008 DS games, there are a few pokemon that are locked behind events like Darkrai and Arceus. Interestingly enough though there's a glitch that has been found to access Shaymin without the required event item Oak's Letter. In this Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Shaymin Glitch Guide, we'll cover how to activate this glitch.

In order to access this glitch, you need to have already defeated the Elite Four and have completed the Sinnoh Dex. Once the Sinnoh Dex has been completed talk to Professor Rowan to get the National Dex. Next, we need to head to Route 224. If you've already made it to Route 224 you'll also need to make sure you haven't fought the BlackBelt on the beach yet. If you have already fought this trainer then it will not be possible to complete this glitch.

 Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Shaymin Glitch Route

How to get to Route 224?

You need to get the National Dex so be sure to complete your Pokedex for Sinnoh and go and see Rowan.

  1. Fly to the end of Victory Road, where the elite 4 is, and enter back into Victory Road.
  2. Travel down until you cross over a bridge and down a Rock Climb area.
  3. Travel Left and Up to reach a Veteran trainer (White shirt and red pants) and go up the stairs to his left.
  4. Head to the Right across the bridge and around the hill heading through a cave opening.
  5. Follow the path until you meet Marley and are in fog, use defog.
  6. The path here is pretty straightforward and with Marley, you'll have Marley's Arcanine helping you out and Marley will heal you after every battle.

How to set up the Glitch on Route 224?

Once you reach Route 224 walk north and then to the East and you'll find a BlackBelt walking on the sand. DO NOT BATTLE THIS TRAINER, he is crucial for the glitch to happen.

Make your way past the BlackBelt and fight the following trainers ahead of him:

  • Ruin Maniac Larry (On the left of the path)
  • Ace Trainer Jamie (Behind the tree on the right)
  • Dragon Tamer Hayden (The spinner on the first platform further North)

After you've defeated those three trainers return to the left side of the BlackBelt

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Shaymin Glitch Positioning
Watch the path that the BlackBelt takes and stand ready facing the water

How to activate the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Shaymin Glitch?

To activate the glitch you need to begin the battle with the roaming BlackBelt at the same time that you interact with the water to the South of him. Make sure you save your game before attempting this part of the glitch so you can try it multiple times. Walk to the marked red spot, facing the water, and wait for the trainer to walk south. You'll want to press A to bring up the Surf text at the same time that he spots you. The BlackBelt won't spot you as soon as he turns to face South, he'll then walk two more blocks towards you before the Exclamation Mark will appear above his head.

If the text appears before the battle you were too early
If the battle ends and the text doesn't appear then you were too late, reload your save.

This is definitely the hardest part of the glitch, it took me at least 15 resets before I got the text to prompt correctly.

 Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Shaymin Glitch Active
Make sure to move slowly while surfing on the land otherwise you might jump off Bibarel and have to restart the glitch

Once you're surfing through the sky continue to the right and then up past those three trainers until you get to the platform with the Dragon Tamer. The next part of the process will require you to position your character specifically, then save the game, and then restart the game to adjust what level you're floating on:

  1. Move forward and into the large staircase to your North. You'll be wanting to position yourself in the Top-Left corner of the large stairs past the Dragon Tamer.
  2. Once you're there save your game and reload and you'll be one layer higher (You'll know you've done this correctly if you can poke your head out of the stairs like in the middle image below).
  3. Position your head so it's half out of the staircase and save and reload the game once more.
  4. Your character should now be at the top level and floating above the ground as seen below in the right pane.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Shaymin Glitch Changing Layers

Once you and your Bibarel are floating well above the ground follow the below path around the trees and rocks. It can be a bit difficult to get through the treeline, the position that you're aiming for is between the top and the second tree and you should be able to glide right through. Once you reach the area marked with the red X you'll hop off your pokemon and now be walking on the water.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Shaymin Glitch Pathway

Once you're on the water head North and then to the East where you'll hit an invisible wall. Press A and you'll be prompted to surf again, you'll get a prompt that you're on the Sunbreak Path. Head East until you hit another invisible wall, when you do head South until you can go East again (You will get a notification that you're back on Route 224) and then head North again until you're walking on water.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Shaymin Glitch Sunbreak Path
You might need to do a bit of surfing around invisible walls but will eventually end up back on the Sunbreak Path

From here the glitch is easy, just continue running North. You'll end up running for 30-40 seconds, less time if you have your bike, and you'll eventually find yourself at the barrier between Route 244 and the Flower Paradise normally only accessible to you once you've got the event item Oak's Letter.

From here head into the grove and you'll find Shaymin ready for battle. He's level 30 so will be underleveled compared to your team, bring something that does small chip damage or just hurl Ultraballs at it until you catch it. If you check your Town Map after reaching the Flower Paradise you'll see that it has updated with the path you took, another thing that normally only happens after the event has activated.

How do I get the Gracidea Flower?

With the Shaymin in your party head to Floaroma Town and speak with the woman standing in front of the Pokemon Center. She will recognize your Shaymin and give you the Gracidea Flower which will transform your Shaymin into Shaymin Sky Form.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Shaymin Glitch Gracidea

With this, you should now have the Event Pokemon Shaymin without needing the Event Item. This glitch works in version 1.1.0 of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl but we can't confirm that this flying swim glitch will not be patched out. If it is then you'll need to wait until Shaymin becomes available through normal means. When the event does become available there's also no way of knowing how already catching Shaymin will work, chances are the pathway will become clear but Shaymin won't appear.

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