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Our Nobody - The Turnaround Romance Guide will tell you how Romance works, how to find characters to date, and how to win the WasApp Chatting minigame!

How Nobody - The Turnaround Romance Works

Nobody - The Turnaround Romance progresses through several stages based on what we've seen so far. First, you have to actually meet a Romanceable character. Once you do, you'll be able to Chat with them on WasApp, and that's when the game truly begins.

Every day, you can engage in a Chatting minigame with the person you're trying to Romance. (You can read more about that in the next section!) After you've built your Relationship with the character, you'll move on to nightly conversations that automatically take place at the end of every day. Eventually, you'll be able to move on to actual dates.

Successfully completing certain events will gain you one heart with the character; characters have a maximum of 5 hearts. We do not yet know what happens when you max out the Heart meter, but we'll update this guide as soon as we find out!

Nobody - The Turnaround Romance Guide - Wasapp Chatting Minigame

How the WasApp Chatting Minigame Works

The WasApp Chatting Minigame in Nobody - The Turnaround is how you build a relationship with a potential Romance candidate. First, you'll have to actually meet the person so you can exchange contact details. Once that's done, you can chat with them once per day.

Chatting with a Romance candidate is different than chatting with a friend; you have to play through a minigame where you pick 8 topics in an attempt to have a conversation. There are three possible results for each topic:

  • Loved (Green) - Gain +10% to the fire meter.
  • Neutral (Grey) - No gain or loss on the fire meter. An arrow points in the general direction of a potential Loved topic.
  • Hated (Red) - Lose 5% on the fire meter.

Successfully completing a Chatting session will increase your Relationship with the character in question.

Nobody - The Turnaround Romance Guide - Romanceable Characters List

Nobody - The Turnaround Romanceable Characters List

Here is a list of all of the Nobody - The Turnaround Romance candidates that we've found thus far and information on what they like and dislike in WasApp Chatting.

Mei Yoyo

  • How to Unlock - Speak with Mei Mobing at the Clinic and she'll tell you she's going away. Visit the Clinic the following day and you'll meet Mei.
  • Loved Subjects - Accordion, Art, Baseball, Camping, CartoonPark, Costume, Detective, Electronic, Equestrian, Fantasy, FastFood, Games, Harp, Horror, HotSpring, IceTown, Jazz, Paper-cuts, Party, Pipa, Pop, Pure, Romance, Roombreak, Saxophone, Shopping, Skating, Skiing, Stocks, Tennis, Theme Park, Travel, TRPG, VarietyShow, Violin, Waterpark
  • Neutral Subjects - Actioner, Aerobics, Agricola, Aquarium, Astronomy, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Bass, Billiards, Boating, Caving, ChuanCuisine, Classical, Climbing, Comedy, Concert, Country, Cycling, Dance, Disco, Diving, DressUp, Drum, Dumbbell, Fashion, Fencing, FlyCrazy, Folk, Foodie, FootRace, Gangster, Guitar, Guzheng, HI-LOW, Homestay, HuiCuisine, Literature, LuCuisine, Mahjong, Massage, MinCuisine, Newsreel, Painting, Philosophy, Photography, PingPong, Plank, Potter, Push-Up, Puzzle, Rap, Resort, Rock, Sauna, ShortFife, Sit-Ups, Skydiving, Squat, SunBath, SuonaHorn, Suspense, Swim, Symphonia, Tensile, Video, Vlogger, WesternFood, XiangCuisine, Yoga, YueCuisine, ZheCuisine, Zoo
  • Hated Subjects - Boxing, Bungy, Cooking, Fishing, Football, Gardening, Metal, Piano, Warfilm

Mei Yoyo is the younger sister of Mei Mobing, the doctor at the Clinic on West Rd.

Gao Shanshan

  • How to Unlock - Purchase some clothing from the Fashion Store on WestRd and make successive visits to the location.
  • Loved Subjects - Aerobics, Astronomy, Billiards, Boating, Classical, Costume, Disco, Diving, DressUp, Fashion, Guzheng, Homestay, HotSpring, Paper-cuts, Party, Plank, Pop, Puzzle, Resort, Romance, Sauna, Skating, Skiing, Squat, Tennis, Travel
  • Neutral Subjects - Accordion, Actioner, Agricola, Aquarium, Athletics, badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Bass, Bungy, Camping, CartoonPark, ChuanCuisine, Comedy, Concert, Country, Cycling, Dance, Detective, Drum, Electronic, Equestrian, Fantasy, Fencing, Fishing, Folk, Foodie, Games, Gangster, Harp, HI-LOW, IceTown, JapanFood, Jazz, Literature, Mahjong, Marathon, Massage, MinCuisine, NewsReel, Painting, Philosophy, Photography, PingPong, Pipa, Potter, Pure, Push-Up, Rap, Robot, RoomBreak, Saxophone, Shopping, ShortFife, Sit-Ups, Stocks, SuCuisine, Sunbath, SuonaHorn, Suspense, Swim, Tensile, Theme Park, TRPG, VarietyShow, Video, Violin, WarFilm, WaterPark, WesternFood, XiangCuisine, Yoga, YueCuisine, Zoo
  • Hated Subjects - Art, Boxing, Climbing, Dumbbell, FastFood, FlyCrazy, Football, Gardening, Horror, Piano, Rock, Symphonia


Gao Shanshan is the salesman at the Fashion Store on WestRd.


Note: The Nobody - The Turnaround Romance Guide is being updated as we progress through the game. Stay tuned for more!

That's the end of our Nobody - The Turnaround Romance Guide. If you enjoyed it, have a look at our other guides below!


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