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Life sim Nobody - The Turnaround features a number of different modes, letting you experience the lives of different nobodies as they try to make a name for themselves. Debt Trap is the first mode you'll have access too, setting you up with a pre-made character and goals. In our Nobody - The Turnaround Debt Trap Walkthrough Guide, we'll go over what you need to do to make it through this mode.

Nobody - The Turnaround Debt Trap Basics

In Nobody - The Turnaround's Debt Trap mode, you'll take the role of a young man who has been saddled with the debt of his now-missing father. Said debt is a hefty 10,000¥, though you'll often be required to pay more during certain parts of the story. The goal is to make enough money to wipe away the debt within 29 days, primarily by taking on more lucrative jobs.

Your main character will have access to 4 initial traits during a playthrough, with 3 of these determined by the initial phone call with your sister. Picking different choices will lead to different traits, some boosting stat gains while others help with jobs. The potential traits you can get are:

1st Choice

  • "Healthy as a horse. Why ask?" -  Hunk Trait (Tough exp from jobs +20%)
  • "Doing great. Outsmarting every trouble as always." - Prodigy (Smart exp from jobs +20%)

2nd Choice

  • "A superhuman bread earner." - Acrobat Trait (Deft exp from jobs +20%)
  • "The world's best family man." - Insightful Trait (Keen exp from jobs +20%)

3rd Choice

  • "Take good care of myself, right?" - Cautious Trait (Chance of being injured on job -10%)
  • "Be nice to people, right?" - Lucky Dog Trait (5% chance that something nice will happen when a job is done.)
  • "Keep up the good work, right?" - Hard Worker Trait (+5% base wage)

The Hunk and Acrobat traits will likely help you out the most from the first 2 choices. Many of the jobs you'll be given access to during Debt Trap will benefit from these stats over Smart or Keen. All 3 of the 3rd choice perks are helpful, though cautious only applies to certain types of jobs. Lucky Dog can potentially give you bonus Mood or pay after completing jobs, though Hard Worker is a guaranteed wage increase no matter what happens.

After getting off the bus, you'll be given a free room to stay in for the first day. All future days will require you to pay for a room, with costs increasing for better accommodation. Heading into the job center will give you the opportunity to complete a hiring exam. Getting enough of the questions right will lead to new opportunities further in the story, so it's worth answering these correctly.

Nobody - The Turnaround Debt Trap Exam Answers

  • C: -1
  • A: 1
  • B: 6
  • D: 3
  • B: 30
  • 1111
  • 4
  • 5
  • 10
  • Make sure not to put spaces between each letter for the last question.

Nobody - The Turnaround Debt Trap Day 2 Onwards

From Day 2, always make sure to book your room at the Homely Hostel at the start of the day. This will let you end the day from anywhere in town, saving time in the long run -- this works even if you stay out until midnight, though sleeping late gives you a mood penalty.

Brick Mover will be your first available job, simply requiring you to deliver 3 different types of bricks from the bottom area up to the loading bays. Doing this manually will let you get bonus cash, which is worth it early on. After completing a Brick Mover shift, you'll be able to talk to a nearby man standing near a food cart. He'll ask for ¥8, which you should give to him. Introducing himself as Mr. Cao, he'll let you do shifts without going through the Job Center. The Job Center normally takes a cut of your earnings, so this way you can get even more pay per shift. You'll even get the ¥8 back if you visit Mr. Cao on any future day.

Between shifts, it's worth picking up the various materials lying around. Cans, boxes, and even scrap metal can be traded into the Recycler for some extra cash. Just make sure to trade these when there value is above average (indicated by the green arrows).

While not making money, you must manage your "Cool". High Cool gives bonus XP from jobs, while low Cool can lower XP and even stop you from sprinting. To increase Cool, you have to keep track of your other needs:

  • Fed: Goes up when eating food.
  • Neatness: Based on how clean your clothes are, goes down when performing most actions.
  • Hygiene: Similar to Neatness, but can be increased by washing at restrooms or staying overnight at the hostel.
  • Satisfaction: Eating a variety of foods will increase this value, though a low satisfaction isn't overly detrimental.

The other main stat is Mood, which can also give certain bonuses or detriments. In Debt Trap, Mood can easily be increased by completing story goals, or the daily trend's (the latter can be viewed in the mood menu). Most entertainment activities will increase mood, as long as you do them successfully. Keeping all of your stats high is necessary, since your character will start to act self destructive when your Cool is low. Aside from the aforementioned movement and XP penalties, there's also a chance they'll do something stupid overnight.

One thing you'll always have trouble with is Neatness, since this goes down extremely quickly while working. There's a fashion store near the hostel, but all of those clothes are expensive. Instead, waiting until evening (17:00-21:00) will allow you to buy cheap clothes from Uniqoo stalls outside the hostel. These are 20¥ each, with some occasionally having bonus effects. You'll want to buy new clothes once your Neatness starts dropping low, though it's fine to wear dirty clothes if you're just scavenging for recycling materials.

It's also worth keeping an eye on how much money you have. Each day will take another 100¥ to pay the loan shark's interest, meaning you wont be able to save much cash early on.

Nobody - The Turnaround Debt Trap Day 4

On Day 4, you'll be called about another job opportunity. This time its a Security Guard shift, taking place at the east side of town. However, you'll have to unlock the ability to do this in the skill tree first. It costs 2 Skill Points, with these being earnable by leveling proficiency in other jobs. Because of this, it's worth doing brick laying for a couple more days just to earn skill points (and even stat XP) before moving onto Security Guard Shifts.

Nobody - The Turnaround Debt Trap Day 5

You'll be informed by the loan sharks this day that you'll now only have to pay interest at the end of the week. This still totals to the same weekly amount (¥700), so it wont help you much overall.

Nobody - The Turnaround Debt Trap Day 9

On Day 9 of Nobody - The Turnaround Debt Trap mode, your sister will briefly join you. She gives you the option of taking ¥20,000, money that was originally meant for her arranged marriage. While it might be tempting to take this money, you'll end up being saddled with more debt. The safest bet is to return the money, leaving you with the initial debt but no additional problems to deal with.

Note: The Nobody - The Turnaround Debt Trap Walkthrough is being updated as we progress through the game. Stay tuned for more!

That's the end of our Nobody - The Turnaround Debt Trap Walkthrough Guide. Make sure to check out our other guides below!

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