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What is life without a major goal to reach? In Nobody - The Turnaround, there are several goals to reach, skills to acquire, and stats to obtain. The life goals are relatively simple in this game but are not easy to reach by any means. In this Nobody - The Turnaround Life Goals Guide, we will discuss each of the life goals we have unlocked, how to get them, when the best time to advance your goals would be, and the End-Game goals to reach. 

How Nobody - The Turnaround Life Goals Work

Life always needs to have a main goal to reach, right? Well, the same goes in Nobody - The TurnaroundPlayers will notice there is a short but sweet list of life goals for them to achieve as they progress in their game. Players will start off having literally zero expectations from life, and will slowly build their empire to become successful in life. 

When Should You Advance Life Goals in Nobody - The Turnaround?

Personally, we believe the best time to being really advancing your life goals is once you have a better understanding of how the game works, and have a decent chunk of change in your pocket. This is due to the fact that as you level up your Life Goals, you will expect more and more out of life. Your character will begin to have wants and needs as your advance your goals, such as wanting higher quality food, a home of their own, and a way of life to follow. It is best to wait until you have a hefty wad of cash and the ability to rent a home or apartment before you advance those life goals. 

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Nobody - The Turnaround Life Goals Unlocks and Expectations

Here's what it takes to unlock Nobody - The Turnaround Life Goals, what they unlock, and what new Expectations you'll have to deal with.


  • Unlocked By - Starting the game (this is the base life goal)
  • New Jobs Available - Brick Mover, Recycler, Peddler
  • New Skills Available - Appraisal, Strong, Dusty. 
  • Expectations - None whatsoever. You just want to get by and not die. 


  • Unlocked By - Possess ¥500 in cash, Spend a total of  ¥500, and Build relations to at least 60 with one NPC. 
  • New Jobs Available - Flyer Boy, Security Guard, Inventory Sorter, Heavy Lifting
  • New Skills Available - Negotiate, Laden, Reflex
  • Expectations - No more sleeping on the street or out in the open, no more dirty clothes, and keep proper hygiene. 


  • Unlocked By - Possess 2000 in cash, Have 10 shirts or jackets in your backpack, and replace your tattered old phone.
  • New Jobs Available -  Promoter, Usher, Mascot, Chef Aid
  • New Skills Available - Salesman, Charming, Fast
  • Expectations - You want an apartment and better food. 


  • Unlocked By - Possess ¥10,000 in cash, Spend a total of ¥5,000, and Boost one job to level 7.
  • New Jobs Available - IT Guy, Car Service, Apprentice, Delivery Guy
  • New Skills Available - Learner, Tempered
  • Expectations - You want to pay your debt off as soon as possible and save at least  ¥5,000 and have a computer. 


  • Unlocked By - Learn one job skill, Buy a PC, and Boost one job to level 8. 
  • New Jobs Available - Bookkeeper, Auto Engineer, Welder, Chef
  • New Skills Available - IT Guru, Car Doc, Welding Machine, Culinary Artist
  • Expectations -  You want a more comfortable home and to have at least ¥2,000 saved. 


  • Unlocked By - Possess ¥20,000 in cash, Boost one job to level 10, and Own a premium apartment.
  • New Jobs Available - E-commerce, Associate, Restuarant Owner
  • New Skills Available - Businessman, Solicit
  • Expectations - You want to start a business of your own and have ¥5,000 in savings. 

Final Life Goals

The final Life Goals are the ultimate culmination of your hard work. You can only have one final Life Goal. Here's what they are:

  • Possess  ¥50,000 in cash
  • Buy a 1 Bedroom home
  • Buy a 2 Bedroom home
  • Buy a Vehicle without a loan
  • Buy a car,  ¥300k or better 
  • Start your own business and make a total of  ¥150k
  • Operating your eShop sales reached  ¥100k
  • Operating your Restaurant sales reached  ¥50k

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