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Our Nobody - The Turnaround guides will help you grasp the basics and become a success in this challenging life simulator.

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Nobody - The Turnaround Starter Guide

Nobody - The Turnaround can be an extremely challenging game if you're not careful about managing your resources. You are the brokest of the broke -- one wrong move and you can end up sleeping on the street for the night.

Fortunately, we're here to help you get a handle on your virtual life. Read on for a crash course on the basics of surviving on the bare minimum in Nobody - The Turnaround!

Understanding Your Stats

First and foremost, you need to understand your basic needs. Keeping these as high as possible is critical to long-term survival.

  • Cool - As in "keeping your cool." Think of it as a general measurement of your motivation and outlook on life. Low cool will lead to several negative effects such as an inability to run. Cool is raised or lowered based on buffs or debuffs that you gain from the rest of your needs.
  • Mood - A more immediate reflection of your emotional state. High mood gives you a bonus to Cool. Low mood is a serious problem, as your character will spontaneously decide to do something reckless in the night such as getting drunk and causing property damage. The only way to prevent this is to keep your Mood high, which you can do through Entertainment and chatting with friends on WasApp.
  • Fed - Obviously, you need to eat. If you're hungry, you'll lose a little Cool every hour. If you're well-fed, you'll gain a little Cool every hour.
  • Satisfaction - This Need is related to Fed. Food will increase or decrease your Fed and your Satisfaction. We don't exactly know what effect Satisfaction has on gameplay, unfortunately, but it's probably a good idea to try to keep this as high as possible.
  • Neatness - The current state of the clothing you're wearing. The only way to increase Neatness is to launder your clothes or replace them. Low Neatness will gradually reduce your Cool and can negatively impact any Relationships you have with people.
    • In addition, each piece of Clothing has its own Durability rating. Durability is reduced every time clothing is washed, so you will eventually need to replace it.
  • Hygiene - How clean you are. You'll need to bathe regularly to keep your Hygiene up. Low Hygiene gradually reduces your Cool and affects your Relationships and job prospects.

Maintaining these Needs will be your main goal, especially in the early days of gameplay in any scenario.

Stats and Skills

In addition to your everyday Needs, you also have to concern yourself with Stats and Skills.

  • Stats are just like your Stat Points in any RPG -- Tough, Smart, Deft, and Keen. These affect your abilities in-game, and certain Jobs have minimum Stat requirements.
  • Skills are split into two types:
    • Job Training Skills - You have to take these Skills before you're able to perform a certain job. Job Training Skills often have minimum Stat requirements.
    • General Skills - General Skills can give you various benefits. For example, the "Laden" Skill increases your Carry Load, allowing you to hold onto an additional 5 kg of items for each point you invest.

Those are the basics of Stats and Skills; you can read about each and every Skill in more detail in our Skills Guide.

Somewhere to Sleep

So, we have the obvious stuff out of the way -- you need Food, you need to stay clean, and you need to keep your spirits up with stuff like Entertainment. Lest we forget, you'll also need somewhere to sleep.

In most scenarios, you're a day worker that's new to town. You don't have an apartment, nor do you have the money for one. The answer to your prayers is the Homely Hostel.

The Homely Hostel is temporary Housing where you pay by the day. You can either pay ¥20 a night for a shared room or ¥60 a night for a private room. Whichever you choose, it's a good idea to choose something -- if you don't, you'll end up sleeping on the street and you'll run the risk of illness or other negative effects.

Generally speaking, it's a good idea to ensure that you purchase a night's stay at the Hostel as soon as possible. You may not be able to make it back home before it gets too late and you'll end up sleeping on the street.

The Basics of Employment

Obviously, you can't take care of your basic needs without money. You'll need to find a Job to get money, and that money will allow you to live your life (and eventually, improve it).

You'll start things off by visiting the Job Center on the west side of Downtown. You're likely going to start with the Brick Mover job, which is exactly what it says on the tin: moving bricks from a pile onto cranes.

With each successive day, you'll gain some Proficiency in the job. More importantly, you'll also gain some Skill Points, which can then be used to unlock more lucrative Jobs. That's the gist of it; you can learn more about employment in our Jobs Guide.

Beginning Your Adventure

That's the basics of Nobody - The Turnaround! With this fundamental understanding of the game in hand, you can now get to work completing the Debt Trap scenario. Completing it will unlock Sandbox Mode and even greater challenges for you to explore. Have fun, and make sure to check out the rest of our guides, too!

Nobody - The Turnaround Guides - Guide Hub - FAQ

Nobody - The Turnaround F.A.Q.

What is Nobody - The Turnaround?

Nobody - The Turnaround is a life simulator where you are tasked with transforming yourself from a broke nobody into a successful person with a home and a good job.

Is Nobody - The Turnaround Multiplayer?

No, Nobody - The Turnaround is not multiplayer. It is a single-player game.

Where is the Nobody - The Turnaround Save File?

Unfortunately, we do not yet know where the Nobody - The Turnaround Save File is located.

What Happens When You Die in Nobody - The Turnaround?

If you die in Nobody - The Turnaround, the day will abruptly end and you'll have to start it over. Be careful when crossing the street!

Can You Pet the Dog in Nobody - The Turnaround?

Yes, you can pet the Dog in Nobody - The Turnaround. The Dog can be found just to the left of the Homely Hostel. Petting the Dog gives a positive boost to your Mood, just like real life.

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