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Nobody - The Turnaround Sandbox Mode Guide

November 17, 2022 2:57 AM

By: Robert N. Adams


This guide will tell you how Nobody - The Turnaround Sandbox Mode works, how to unlock it, and how to create a character for this game mode.

What is Nobody - The Turnaround Sandbox Mode?

Nobody - The Turnaround Sandbox Mode is a less-structured, open-ended way to play the game. Scenarios such as Debt Trap have storylines, unique characters, and special challenges (such as the titular debt in Debt Trap).




In contrast, Sandbox Mode has none of these frills. While there are NPCs and story events that you can participate in, these can be bypassed entirely. Sandbox Mode is pure gameplay: earn money, survive, and make your life better.

Sandbox Mode introduces several concepts that do not appear in Debt Trap:


  • You have greater access to more Housing.
  • Romance is available with select characters.
  • Later-game Jobs are available.
  • You'll meet friends at your various Jobs and add them to your WasApp. You can chat with them daily to increase your Mood (and occasionally, risk losing -10 Mood due to a bad conversation). Your friends may ask to borrow money, and you can ask to borrow money from them if your Relationship is high enough. Naturally, they'll pay you back if you ask them after a few days (and you'll have to pay your friends back, too).

A key to success in Sandbox Mode is having a concrete plan. Decide what kind of end-game career you want to have early and focus on working towards that goal little by little every day, building up the necessary Stats and Skills to get it done.

How to Unlock Nobody - The Turnaround Sandbox Mode




You can unlock Nobody - The Turnaround Sandbox Mode by completing the Debt Trap scenario. Read our Debt Trap Guide for some helpful tips with this early challenge!

Nobody - The Turnaround Sandbox Mode Guide - Creating a Character

How to Create a Character in Sandbox Mode

Nobody - The Turnaround Sandbox Mode doesn't use a specific character fitting a story, so you'll have to create one. That means you're going to have to make some decisions that you wouldn't have to deal with in one of the story scenarios.

Firstly, you'll need to pick a Life Goal. Your Life Goal is what you need to get to "beat" Sandbox Mode. Life Goals do not introduce any particular complications other than having to complete the Life Goal.



After that, you'll have to set up your character. Only the male sex is available in the first Early Access build, so there's nothing to do there just yet. Next, pick your Face and the clothing you're wearing. Once the cosmetic stuff is taken care of, you'll have to make three more choices.

First, you'll have to invest Skill Points to give yourself an edge in particular categories. (You can unlock additional Skill Points by completing Achievements.) Remember, Skill Points decide what Jobs you can and cannot do. You can always build up your Skills through gameplay, but these early-game Skill Points can give you a significant boost in a particular career path.

Secondly, you'll need to pick a Base Trait. Base Traits affect overall gameplay in various ways, typically by providing advantages and disadvantages. If you'd prefer not to mess with these, you can take the "Unremarkable" Base Trait that has no benefits and no downsides.

Finally, you'll need to pick your Other Traits. You have to pick two pairs of positive Other Traits and negative Other Traits, and you'll also have the option to pick a third pair of positive and negative Traits. Consider your choices carefully, as some of these Other Trait choices might make certain Jobs more difficult.



Once you're sure about your choices, you'll be able to start the game. You'll begin in the Job Center with a little bit of cash and not much else. It's time to begin your grand adventure!

We're all done with the Nobody - The Turnaround Sandbox Mode Guide, but there's plenty more to explore -- take a look at our other guides below!

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