Nobody - The Turnaround

Nobody - The Turnaround header image, where we see a simulated world of players standing among the streets next to what looks to be a bodega

Nobody - The Turnaround is a realistic survival simulation game, where players will traverse a parallel universe that is oddly similar to the reality that we know and live every day. Players will begin in a modern metropolis, but deep within the depths of the undergrowth, which is what the less fortunate call home. 

The game sports extremely realistic life simulations, where players will live their lives however they so choose, but just as in real life, every choice has some form of consequence or reaction. Players who lose everything and are forced to live on the street may become ill or catch a disease. Seeing someone else's paycheck and realizing you make less can cause players to become upset or irate. Those who choose to take up manual labor as an occupation may become mildly injured and will have to deal with the repercussions. The aim of the game is to simulate the real working-class lifestyle to the best of its ability. 

Just as in everyday real life, players will find themselves dealing with random life events that can be either positive or negative, such as a pay raise or losing their job entirely. Players will need to do their best in order to live their lives to the fullest and survive whatever hardships may come their way. Those who choose to go down a more career-driven path will need to work hard every day in order to rise to the top of the food chain, so to speak. Meaning that players may need to go through training and working menial jobs to reach the career of their dreams. 

It isn't all work and no play, either. Players will need to find healthy outlets to keep them in a good mood as well as to ensure they are going down a positive path. With dozens of other characters to interact with and countless activities to enjoy, their will be no shortage of relationships, trials and tribulations, and jobs to keep a roof over their heads. 

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Thermite Games
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November 17, 2022 (Calendar)
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