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Ryouma gets himself involved in a number of strange situations during his time in Kyo, and one of the earliest of these is the dastardly theft of someone’s mochi. Despite having his own problems to deal with, Ryouma can still choose to help find the culprits of this crime. In our Like a Dragon: Ishin! The Mochi Mystery Substory Guide, we’ll show you the options you need to choose to complete this substory.

Map showing the location of the Like a Dragon Ishin! The Mochi Mystery substory.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! The Mochi Mystery Substory Location

Substory 6, The Mochi Mystery, can be found just north of the blacksmith in Rakunai from Chapter 3 onwards — you’ll be travelling through here often while playing through the main story and other side activities. Here you’ll find a group of six people, with the man in black proclaiming that two of the other five men has stolen the mochi he was looking forward to eating.

If you don’t feel like doing the substory straight away, you can decline to help. You’ll still be able to complete it at any point later on, and it will even be marked on your map with a “!” for easy reference.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! screenshot showing Ryouma looking at 5 men lined up against a wall.

The Mochi Mystery Guide

Offering to help the officer who had his mochi stolen will cause the rest of the group to line up next to the nearby wall. You can choose to talk to each to get their alibis, though naturally not all of them are telling the truth. For the sake of clearing this substory however, you don’t actually need to talk to everyone.

By talking to the officer again, you then get the chance to select the culprits. The two people that stole the mochi are Higashihara and Minamino, the first and fourth people in the lineup. Confirming your choices will lead to both men confessing to their petty crime. The officer thanks you for helping out, rewarding you with the rare Godslayer’s Talisman crafting material. The substory itself also gives 300 Virtue, used to unlock certain bonuses at shrines.

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