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February 23, 2023 (Calendar)
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Like a Dragon: Ishin! takes players back to the 1860s, where they will go on a quest as a lone Samurai attempting to find the person that murdered their father. 

Armed with the sword of Sakamoto Ryoma, players set off to Kyoto not only to seek justice but to clear their own name and restore their honor, as they have been implicated in this horrendous crime. The combat system is robust and expansive, where players can choose between one of four fighting styles; Swordsman, Gunslinger, Brawler, and Wild Dancer. Each style comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses and can be used to take on the various quests and story events to make progress. 

The game was initially released in Japan in 2014 as a launch title for the PlayStation 4 console. 

Developer Quote

1860s Kyo is plagued by widespread inequality, and one samurai will change the course of history in his search for justice. Take up the sword of Sakamoto Ryoma and venture to Kyoto to find your father’s killer, clear yourself of a framed murder, and restore your honor. In doing so, you will bring an end to the samurai era and forever change the future of Japan. Draw your blade, load your revolver, and join the revolution in this heated historical adventure that only the creators of Yakuza: Like a Dragon could produce.