Like a Dragon: Ishin! Global Fraud Substory Guide

Last Update: February 20, 2023


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Despite his journey being the main real Sakamoto Ryouma is running around Kyo, he still finds the time to help out its residents. One of these low stakes side stories involves a school teacher who is in over his head, requiring Ryouma to give him a hand. In our Like a Dragon: Ishin! Global Fraud Substory Guide, we’ll give the answers you need to help out this hapless teacher.

Map showing the location of the the Like a Dragon Ishin! Global Fraud Substory.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! Global Fraud Substory Location

Substory 11, Global Fraud, can be started in the southern part of Rakunai from Chapter 3. An older man is hanging out by some buildings in a side street, and will ask for help if you interact with him.

You can choose not to help out, if you want to leave this substory for later. Doing so will add a “!” icon to the map, making it easy to find later on. The substory is available at all times, and is not required to complete any other regular substory.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! Global Fraud Guide

Choosing to help out the School Teacher will take you inside the school building, where his students are being taught about the globe. You’ll be asked three questions, each getting progressively harder. Thankfully, while the image of the globe used is different from modern maps, it still isn’t too hard to figure out which places you’re being asked about.

The answers to each of the three questions are:

  1. Japan
  2. The Great Qing
  3. Country 4

Answering all three questions correctly will end the substory, with the school teacher giving you the rare material European Fabric. The quest itself also gives 300 Virtue, used to unlock various bonuses at shrines.

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