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Some of Ryouma’s adventures during your time in Like a Dragon: Ishin! Will be filled with action. The It's a Long Story substory is… not one of those times, requiring you to listen to the ramblings of someone with no one else to bother. In our Like a Dragon: Ishin! It's a Long Story Substory Guide, we’ll give you the answers you need for all three parts of this quest chain, letting you skip through some long conversations in the process.

Map showing the location of the Like a Dragon Ishin! It's a Long Story Substory.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! It's a Long Story Substory Location

Substory 43, It’s a Long Story, can be found in the west side of Fushimi from Chapter 2. Here, you’ll overhear 2 women talking to each other, with one becoming frustrated at the other’s never ending conversations. After the angry woman storms off, you’ll be able to interact with the woman known as Sakiko to start the main part of the substory.

If you don’t want to do the substory straight away, you can still interact with Sakiko and then decline to chat. You will still be able to come back and do the substory at any time, and will even be marked with a “!” icon on the map.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! It's a Long Story Substory Answers

Agreeing to listen to Sakiko will lead her to go on for a while about different topics. Unfortunately, while it is possible to skip through the dialogue quickly, she eventually mentions that she’s going to test Ryouma to see if he’s been listening this entire time. Not to worry though, as we have the answers right here:

  1. What she started to like when she was older - Bamboo Shoots.
  2. Where she reunited with her old friend Kotaro-chan - Outside a tea shop.
  3. Her name - Of course—it’s Sakiko.

Answering all 3 correctly will reward you with the Gold Seal crafting material and 300 Virtue

Like a Dragon: Ishin! It's a Long Story: The Final Chapter Answers

Returning to the area again after completing It’s a Long Story will let you talk to Sakiko again. Doing so starts the substory It's a Long Story: The Final Chapter. It’s a similar story to last time, with Sakiko talking for a long time before quizzing you on certain parts of the conversation. The correct answers this time are:

  1. The order of the three colors of dango - Red, white, and green.
  2. Uji Tea Parlor’s specialty - Amazake.
  3. Sakiko’s favorite mascot girl in Uji Tea Parlor - Sumire.

This time, you’ll get the Tear of the Dragon crafting material as a reward, plus 350 Virtue.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! It's a Long Story: Epilogue Answers

Of course, despite the name of the last substory, Sakiko still has more to tell you. Heading back to the same area again will let you accept the final Sakiko substory, It's a Long Story: Epilogue. Once again, you must listen through (or rather, skip through) her long conversations. And, despite being interrupted at the end, she still wants to give you another set of questions. The final set of answers are:

  1. What Sakiko had been sneaking out to talk to - A scarecrow.
  2. Kotaro-chan’s favorite food - Pickled daikon.
  3. What Sakiko caught when fishing - A tuna.

Your final rewards are a Golden Medicine Case and 350 Virtue. Sakiko thanks you for listening, and walks off satisfied now that she has someone new to talk with.

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