Kena: Bridge of Spirits Flower Shrine Guide

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits Flower Shrine Guide

Kena: Bridge of Spirits, the gorgeous new Adventure title from Ember Lab, is now available to play and there's a lot to find. In this game, you play as Kena, a spirit guide, who is looking to find what's the cause of the corruption plaguing the land and to do that you need to explore, assist people with their problems, and find all kinds of useful collectibles along the way. In this Kena: Bridge of Spirits Flower Shrine Guide we'll go through how to find each of the Flower Shrines and how to purify them. This guide contains all Flower Shrine locations.

In this guide, the locations will be listed in the order that you visit the regions. If there's a pre-requisite such as access to arrows we'll make sure to specify. From the map, you can tell how many of an item you do, or do not have, but it's going to take some searching to find specifically what you're after. For each Flower Shrine that you successfully cleanse and interact with you'll gat a large sum of crystals, these can be used to purchase more hats for your Rots.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Flower Shrine Guide - Village (Total: 8)

The Village is the central hub of Kena: Bridge of the Spirits and because of that, you'll spend a lot of time leaving and returning here with new weapons and powerups. All of the Spirit Mail found elsewhere in the world connects to opening up houses in this village.

  • The Flower Shrine just south of the center of town can be opened after delivering the Forgotten Forest Spirit Mail #2. Go down the alley and to the back of the house to find a Forest Tear that you can walk back out to the main street.
  • Once you cross past Adira's barrier there's a Flower Shrine to the right. Head south from here and you'll see a field with three red lights hovering. Defeat the enemies to have a Forest Tear appear. Transform your Rot and lead it back to the Flower Shrine.
  • After getting the bomb power-up travel to the village. Go North and take the right exit out of the shrine area. Use your bomb to make a bridge to a new area, kill the enemies and a Forest Tear will appear. Just up the steps from here is the Flower Shrine. If you hit the Village Onsen Warp Point you've gone too far.
  • After obtaining the Dash ability you'll find this through the gate closest to the shrine in the top left. Continue through this area until you have to fight three invisible enemies, once that battle is over a Forest Tear will appear. Use it and backtrack down the stairs to cleanse the Flower Shrine
  • After getting Dash and purifying the area in the South-West of the village there's a Flower Shrine in the middle of the water. You should be able to see it from the dock. Swim over and the Forest Tear should be active on the sandbank closest by.
  • From the Hat Cart take the road to the East, enter the backyard of the house to the right and shoot the crystal on the tree to create a Forest Tear. Then use that on the Forest Shrine slightly up the road.
  • From the Hat Cart take the road to the East, enter the backyard of the house to the right and shoot the crystal on the tree to create a Forest Tear. Take this Forest Tear out of the backyard, up the road past the previous Forest Tear, then turn right and take your transformed Rot over the bridge. Once over the bridge stay to the left going up the hill, and then turn left again and the Flower Shrine will be right there.
  • After you get Dash and you take Hunter's Path in the lower right of the village continue on until you get to your first Forest Tear. After defeating the enemies nearby transform the Rot and progress further keeping an eye on your right. You'll see the Flower Shrine here.


Kena: Bridge of Spirits Flower Shrine Guide - Taro's Tree (Total: 2)

  • Right next to where you guide the Rot to make a Forest Tear you'll see the Flower Shrine covered with corruption. Clear it with the Rot and it will activate
  • As you're walking up the road from the Forest Path to the Taro's Tree Warp point after you've gotten the bow head north off the path and you'll see a covered Flower Shrine. If you turn around you'll see a Crystal on the tree, shoot it and follow the path of lights to three other crystals to create a Forest Tear. Then walk that back and you'll get this Flower Shrine.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Flower Shrine Guide


Kena: Bridge of Spirits Flower Shrine Guide - Rusu Mountain (Total: 3)

  • After watching Taro's first memory where a Forest Tear appears use it to clear the corruption to the left. Down this path you'll find the Flower Shrine.
  • After defeating the Wood Knight look at Rusu's house and turn around so you can see the pathway through a stone formation. Walk through and you'll see a statue of an owl, hit its chest with an arrow to make it start the Forest Tear. From there just chew through the corruption directly to the left and it will lead to the Flower Shrine.
  • After coming down from Rusu's Lookout to the area where the archery tests are stay to your right. You'll see the covered Flower Shrine and a path leading further to the right. Follow this path and shoot the crystal on the tree to activate the Forest Tear and just guide your Rot down to the Shrine.


Kena: Bridge of Spirits Flower Shrine Guide - Forgotten Forest (Total: 3)

  • After completing the Water Shrine a Forest Tear will appear. Use that to clear the corruption on the shore to reveal a moveable block. If you face away from the block you should be able to see a drawing of Rots carrying something on a wall across from you. Lead the block here and hop up to the previously inaccessible area, open the blocked way to the right. To your left is a log bridge that leads to a corrupted Flower Shrine. Go and use the Forest Tear once more this time to open the Flower Shrine.
  • From the Great Tree Shrine at the very top of the treehouse climb sequence stand in front of the Great Tree Shrine and use the grapple flower above you to the right. Then jump across the shrine to the opposite awning to find a bucket. Get the Forest Tear seed from it and carry it clockwise around the tree from the shrine to grow a Forest Tear. Activate the Forest Tear and then drop the gondola, at the bottom you'll find the Flower Shrine. You cannot use your bow while the Forest Tear is active so shoot the mechanism to drop the gondola and THEN use the Forest Tear, you should have more than enough time.
  • After making it into the Lantern Cave area head to the left and up the cliff face. Continue till you get to where a Forest Tear seed can be planted. Look up to find gems in the trees, start with the lit one and shoot them all. Use the Forest Tear to destroy all of the corruption to the right. You'll need to fight enemies but continue on this patch and you'll get to another Flower Shrine.

Kena_ Bridge of Spirits Collectible Guide Forgotten Forest Flower Shrine


Kena: Bridge of Spirits Flower Shrine Guide - Fields (Total: 7)

  • From the Tower Entrance use the rocks on the right side of the tower to get onto its scaffolding. Follow this path to a large unpowered floor switch. Use your bombs to open, and then pulse the three crystals in this area and stand on the switch to create a set of steps. Fight the enemies below and move to the next room where you need to fight the enemies remotely using the Forest Tear. Once the door behind you has unlocked you can go to where your Rot were fighting. Guide them over the bridge to cleanse this Flower Shrine.
  • Head north from the Tower Entrance until you see a field on your left with enemies waiting to spawn. After killing them a Forest Tear will appear. Transform your Rot and have them drop down the wall to the south and there's a Flower Shrine right here.
  • On the northern island of the Fields area there's a vegetable patch to the right of the one working bridge. Defeat the enemies, create the Forest Tear, and work your way north behind another broken down house, there's another Flower Shrine here.
  • Travel to the large house on the hill in the Eastern area of Fields. Go behind the house and use the grapple flower to get inside, get the seed and bring it out to get access to a Forest Tear. The Flower Shrine is just to the right here.
  • Return to the gateway between the Fields and Storehouse. Go to the vegetable field and shoot the target to spawn a Forest Tear. Take your transformed Rot to the buildings that are broken to their foundation to the West and you'll find a Flower Shrine here
  • After defeating the Vine Knight bomb the rocks near the cliff and then shoot the crystal on the floating rock to get the Forest Tear. Use the transformed Rot and leave this area and just next to the Rufus Barn Warp Point will be a covered Flower Shrine
  • After defeating the Stone Guardian go into the house and shoot the crystal to create a Forest Tear. Use that on the Flower Shrine on the other side of the combat arena.


Kena: Bridge of Spirits Flower Shrine Guide - Village Heart (Total: 1)

  • After defeating the Rot Eater search the arena for the Flower Shrine. You can use the Forest Tear from the center of the room.



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