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Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a new title from Ember Labs available for the PlayStation 5 and PC via the Epic Game Store. Kena: Bridge of Spirit follows the story of a Spirit Guide Kena who has found her way to a forest with many lingering spirits. As each spirit lingers longer corruption begins to spread across the land bringing with it all kinds of monsters and danger. It's up to Kena to use her abilities to help save the forest. This Kena: Bridge of Spirits Guide for Beginners will go over some info you'll want to know headed into Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

There's a lot to run across and find in this gorgeous Pixar-looking world. There are a number of abilities of Kena's that you'll be able to use to interact with the world such as sending out a spirit pulse or being able to view/see spirits. The most important thing for Kena to interact with are the little cute creatures called Rot.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Guide for Beginners - Rots and their uses

The Rot are small black forest creatures that Kena is able to find along her journey. You'll normally hear them playing and see an object slightly lit up, they are somewhat like the Korok from Breath of the Wild. They might be hidden in lit lanterns, shrine stones, inside a chest, or even underneath a rock. Be sure to be exploring all over to make sure you're able to find these.

Rot will follow you around but they also have a variety of in-game effects. They can be used for the following:

  • Clean Deadzone - Anytime - You can have the Rot interact with the Deadzone Heart to turn them blue, then a quick pulse will clean the area
  • Move - Out of Combat - You can use the Rots to move items in the environment
  • Bind - Combat - In combat focus on an enemy and send your Rot to temporarily incapacitate them
  • Transform - Combat - Once coming into contact with a Forest Tear all of your Rot will come together as a single slug-like being. You can then control and attack with it for a limited amount of time

As you collect more Rot you'll also be able to increase how many of their actions you can store up in a row, as well as unlock further upgrades for Kena and her abilities. 

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Beginner Guide Infection
Use Rot to clear out these Deadzone Hearts

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Guide for Beginners - What collectibles are in the world?

It wouldn't be a big open-world adventure without a number of different collectibles for you to go out and find. Kena: Bridge of Spirits features a well-detailed map that breaks down each collectible per region. This is a great tool for finding out exactly what you're missing and where it is. The regions that it breaks down into also aren't too large making the job that much easier.

The world of Kena has five different collectibles:

  • Rot
    These are the creatures I mentioned above there are plenty of these guys all over. Some areas you may need to revisit multiple times with different abilities and items to collect them all so if you find yourself stalling try progressing the story and coming back at a later point.
  • Hats
    There are 51 hats for your Rots to wear (not including the 2 DLC hats). After collecting some hats throughout your journey you can use the Hat Stand in the center of the town to equip them to your Rots. As you're walking through the world the Rots will appear in various places around you, the hats just serve as a way to add a bit more variety to who you're seeing. After unlocking them you need to spend crystals to purchase the hats and then put them on your Rots. Hat price can range from 10 crystals to 1000 crystals.
  • Flower Shrine
    These shrines can be found in various places covered with corruption. If you use the Rot's transformation ability you can destroy all of the rot around them. Once the Flower Shrine has been cleansed interacting with it will net you a large amount of the crystal currency.
  • Spirit Mail
    Through the world of Kena you'll come across glowing packages, these are Spirit Mail. After picking up this collectible your task isn't over. On your map you'll find a delivery point for a mailbox belonging to a house with a sealed gateway. Delivering the mail will unlock the door to the house giving you a chance to clear the area from Deadzone corruption. Once cleansed a house might have other collectibles within such as more Rot, or a Flower Shrine. Finding the required mail might also be what stops you from completing an area for a time.
Kena: Bridge of Spirits Beginner Guide Spirit Mail
Spirit Mail Successfully Delivered
  • Cursed Chest
    These chests have a red glowing lock on them. Once Kena interacts with them a combat challenge will begin. Quite simply be the last one standing after a few waves of enemies and the contents of the chest will be yours.


There are also some collectibles that aren't marked on your map that you'll need to track down.

  • Meditation Spots
    These are glowing blue circles on the ground that Kena can meditate at. By resting here Kena is able to permanently increase her max health.


Kena: Bridge of Spirits Guide for Beginners - Combat tips and upgrades

While exploring is a lot of fun there are also times Kena needs to get serious during combat. Armed with her trusty staff Kena has a number of ways to attack. Kena can alternate between light and heavy attacks, and even use a shield to parry enemy attacks. Later on, in Kena's journey, she also gets access to a bow and other weapons. Here are some combat tips:

  • Upgrade your melee early as it will give you more readily available options going into combat encounters
  • You can cancel out of your combo by using a short jump. If you time it right you can finish a ground combo, and then perform a short jump and start a new combo immediately
  • Enemies with shields can be dodged around easily enough but timing your heavy swing just right allows you to destroy shields, from there just start wailing
  • Turning the Rot into their transformed form does high damage, but it does leave Kena as a bit of a sitting duck. Best to use the transformed Rot to protect Kena, or when a battle is already one on one so you don't need to focus on too many things at once.
  • Pretty much every small enemy takes knockback from your staff so you can just keep wailing on them
  • If you jump and draw your bow you'll get an extended bullet time, this is perfect for high tension situations where you need that extra moment to aim
Kena: Bridge of Spirits Beginner Guide Combat
Large enemies like this don't even need a short hop to keep your combo strong

As you defeat enemies and interact with your Rot you'll earn Karma. This Karma, represented with a swirl symbol, can then be redeemed to grand Kena additional combat powers or to power up the Rot themselves. Some examples of upgrades including the ability to perform a ground pound, the strengthening of Kena's shield, or allowing your Rot to begin with one Rot Action point going into combat. 

As you progress through the story you'll also earn new weapons and abilities that you can upgrade.

  • Bow - The Bow is obtained after reaching the peak of Rusu Mountain
  • Bomb - The Bomb power is obtained after reaching the Storehouse in the West
  • Dash - The Dash is obtained after reaching the Shrine Peak


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