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Kena: Bridge of Spirits the gorgeous new Adventure title from Ember Lab is now available to play and there's a lot to find. In this game, you play as Kena, a spirit guide, who is looking to find what's the cause of the corruption plaguing the land and to do that you need to explore, assist people with their problems, and find all kinds of useful collectibles along the way. In this Kena: Bridge of Spirits Cursed Chest Guide we'll go over how to find each Cursed Chest and share some info about the challenge you'll face. This is a complete list.

In this guide, the locations will be listed in the order that you visit the regions. If there's a pre-requisite such as access to arrows we'll make sure to specify. From the map, you can tell how many of an item you do, or do not have, but it's going to take some searching to find specifically what you're after.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Cursed Chest Guide - Village (Total: 6)

The Village is the central hub of Kena: Bridge of the Spirits and because of that, you'll spend a lot of time leaving and returning here with new weapons and powerups. All of the Spirit Mail found elsewhere in the world connects to opening up houses in this village.

  • From the center of town look north, then find the side alley to the right. Midway down you'll see the cursed chest in plain view
  • There are three Cursed Chests in the house immediately South-West of the Warp Point. You need to get Spirit Mail #1 from the Forgotten Forest to gain access.
    • First Chest: A timed challenge to kill a lot of the smaller enemies. The reward is a Rot.
    • Second Chest: A timed challenge to kill smaller enemies, one large enemy, and a few of the flying bugs. The reward is crystals.
    • Third Chest: A once again harder timed challenge. The reward is a Unicorn Hat.
  • After crossing Adira's barrier head to the building to the south. Head as far south as you can go, near the purple gateway, and turn around. Tucked inside a little shop is another Cursed Chest. It's right next to the Village Docks Warp point. For this timed fight, you'll have to take on a Mage and a Sprout at once. Be careful of all the additional creatures the Mage can create. 
  • After you can Dash (This is a late-game ability) you'll find this Cursed Chest through the gateway closest to the Shrine. You can't miss it. To complete this challenge you're not able to be hit. The last enemy you face will be transparent. In order to defeat him, you need to perform a parry.


Kena: Bridge of Spirits Cursed Chest Guide - Rasu Mountain (Total: 1)

  • Once you're at the point where the kids are talking about a broken bridge that the Rot might be able to help with look to your right to see a hidden away ledge. Hop over to it and follow the path around to find the Cursed Chest. Inside this chest, you'll find the Bird's Nest Hat.
Kena: Bridge of Spirits Cursed Chest Guide
The challenges start getting harder from here

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Cursed Chest Guide - Forgotten Forest (Total: 2)

  • From the Sacred Tree warp point in the south of the Forgotten Forest follow the road East. When you get to the split keep going East, it should be just around one of the bends. This is the first Cursed Chest that has a time limit to it so be prepared for some quick combat.
  • From the Water Shrine Warp Point head West and you'll get to a pool of water where you used Pulse to raise three platforms high enough to cross. Stand on the middle platform and shoot the Crystal on the raised ledge and the platform will raise up. At its peak jump across for this Cursed Chest. This is another timed chest, but it's just shooting flies out of the sky. Be sure to use your bow's bullet time.


Kena: Bridge of Spirits Cursed Chest Guide - Fields (Total: 2)

  • On the Eastern peninsula of the Fields you'll see a large house in the middle with a road leading up to it. The Cursed Chest is in front of this house. There is no time limit for this chest so just have fun. Your reward is the Cowboy hat.
  • Return to the gateway between the Fields and Storehouse. Enter the building directly to the left of the gate and you'll find the Cursed Chest inside. This is a timed challenge but with only simple enemies. Inside you'll find a Rot.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Cursed Chest Guide - Village Heart (Total: 2)

  • On the bridge on the northern part of the Village Heart, you'll find a Cursed Chest. This challenge has you killing 15 enemies within a time limit. It's recommended to really focus on using your bombs in conjunction with the Rot Infused Arrow to line up multiple kills with a single shot.
  • In the watery area with the broken T-block that you can rotate swim to the shore and use the roots to climb to the platform above. Once you're up a level look to your right to find the Cursed Chest. The challenge here is to defeat a Wood Knight while he spawns additional enemies. Inside the chest is Hana's Mask.


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