Kena: Bridge of Spirits Spirit Mail Guide

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits Spirit Mail Guide

Kena: Bridge of Spirits the gorgeous new Adventure title from Ember Lab is now available to play and there's a lot to find. In this game, you play as Kena, a spirit guide, who is looking to find what's the cause of the corruption plaguing the land and to do that you need to explore, assist people with their problems, and find all kinds of useful collectibles along the way. In this Kena: Bridge of Spirits Spirit Mail Guide we'll go over how to locate every piece of Spirit Mail, as well as what your ultimate reward will be when you deliver it. This guide contains every Spirit Mail location.

In this guide, the locations will be listed in the order that you visit the regions. If there's a pre-requisite such as access to arrows we'll make sure to specify. From the map, you can tell how many of an item you do, or do not have, but it's going to take some searching to find specifically what you're after.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Spirit Mail Guide - Village (Total: 3)

The Village is the central hub of Kena: Bridge of the Spirits and because of that, you'll spend a lot of time leaving and returning here with new weapons and powerups. All of the Spirit Mail found elsewhere in the world connects to opening up houses in this village.

  • After going past the barrier using Taro's Mask head up the path until you see the house with the barricaded door on your right. Walk around the back of it and move the large barrel closer to the building and hop inside. You'll find the glowing gold Spirit Mail inside. To deliver it take it across the road. Defeat the enemies inside the house and destroy the Deadzone Heart to cleanse this house.
  • After getting the Dash ability head through the gateway closest to the Shrine. In the first section of broken city walk to the back of the building to your right. You'll be able to climb up it, when you think you're at the top look for the grapple plant to go even higher. At the top, you'll find the Spirit Mail. Inside you'll find a Rot and a Hat.
  • After getting the Dash ability head through the gateway near the docks in the South-West. Follow this normal path until you get to a plateau where you need to trigger a bomb and then slide and jump onto the platform. Instead look for a way to go higher, shortly after you get to a hidden shrine with multiple animal statues you'll see this Spirit Mail. Inside this area, you'll find a Rot at the top of the building.


Kena: Bridge of Spirits Spirit Mail Guide - Rusu Mountain (Total: 1)

  • Partway through a large 'Tomb Raider-esc' sequence of climbing a series of rock pillars over a waterfall, there will be a choice to climb up and go into a cave or take a path to the right. If you go to the right you'll find the Spirit Mail of Rusu Mountain
Kena: Bridge of Spirits Spirit Mail Guide
Unlock more of the village using Spirit Mail


Kena: Bridge of Spirits Spirit Mail Guide - Forgotten Forest (Total: 2)

  • Find the treehouses near the Water Shrine and begin climbing up. After ascending a few levels as you wall-climb your way clockwise there will be a closed grappling flower above you and a mossy branch under you. Drop down and spin 180 degrees to see another tree with a grappling flower. Follow this path to find a Spirit Mail. Delivering it to its house will give you access to three Cursed Chests.
  • After completing the Water Shrine a Forest Tear will appear. Use that to clear the corruption on the shore to reveal a moveable block. If you face away from the block you should be able to see a drawing of Rots carrying something on a wall across from you. Lead the block here and hop up to the previously inaccessible area (you can use the Rots to open the area to the right.) Look up and you'll see a grapple flower. Use that and the next two in the chain to reach an even higher area where you'll get the second Spirit Mail. Delivering it to its house will give you access to a Rot as well as a new Forest Tear for the nearby Flower Shrine.


Kena: Bridge of Spirits Spirit Mail Guide - Storehouse (Total: 1)

  • After obtaining the bomb powerup use it to trigger the platforms to get to the top of the right side of the chamber. The bomb steps will require two bombs here. Once at the top destroy the three enemies and pop the Deadzone Heart to get access to the building with this Spirit Mail. This will lead you to an area where you can shoot three crystals in the order they pulse and earn a new Rot and a Frog hat.

Kena_ Bridge of Spirits Collectible Guide Storehouse Spirit Mail

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Spirit Mail Guide - Fields (Total: 1)

  • After defeating the Stone Guardian walk through the house to the Forge Warp Point. Take a left and hop over some vines. Follow this path until you're in a cave. Shoot the droplet to create a Forest Tear, blow up the rocks, move your Rot over the new bridge and slam the large button. This will flood the chamber. Swim out of the cave towards the light and you'll find the Spirit Mail. Inside defeat a few waves of enemies, nothing too huge. This will purify a sizeable amount of the village.


Kena: Bridge of Spirits Spirit Mail Guide - Village Heart (Total: 2)

  • Enter the broken building to the North East of the Village Heart. The Spirit Mail here is sitting on the table. (Goes to a house in the far North-East) This is the Village Onsen and you'll get to fight the Kappa again.
  • After you make it to the Village Heart Warp Spot continue into the cave. Immediately turn left and walk till you're outside. Turn right and you'll see a cracked wall. Below is a rock you can use a bomb on to then get to a ledge. Make your way around the ledge and come up on the other side to find this Spirit Mail. This will open up the docks area.


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