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Last Update: May 8, 2022


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Trucks in Hydroneer can making moving things around the world pretty easy, but they can run out of gas pretty quick. How do you refuel them? This Hydroneer How to Refuel Truck Guide is here to help!

Hydroneer lets players start out with a free truck that makes it easy to move cargo around the map. However, it is a truck — and trucks need fuel. It's not immediately obvious how to refuel them, but it's pretty easy to take care of once you know what you're doing.


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Hydroneer How to Refuel Truck Guide – How to Refuel Your Truck

Your Hydroneer truck has a fuel gauge on the side that will tell you how much longer you can drive it. The starter truck can run out of gas pretty quickly, so you'll soon find yourself at a standstill if you don't know how to refuel it.

Here's how to refuel your Truck in Hydroneer:


  1. Grab a Bucket and drop it in a river to fill it up with water.
  2. Take the full Bucket to your Truck and climb on top.
  3. Move the green marker over the opening on the top of the Truck and pour the water in.
  4. If your fuel gauge isn't maxed out, make another trip and fill it again.

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Where to Buy More Hydroneer Vehicles

The starter Truck is pretty okay, but you might want to drive something better. Fortunately, Hydroneer offers a number of different options.

If you want to buy a new Hydroneer Truck, you simply have to head Bridgepour. A variety of different vehicles are available for purchase. Buying them is as easy as dropping some coins in the bucket and pushing the magic button!


Hydroneer How to Refuel Truck Guide – Tips and Tricks

  • Buckets are cheap — it's worth it to keep a Bucket on the back of every Truck you own to make it easy to refuel.
  • Trucks can get glitched out — the menu has a button to recall your nearest vehicle.
  • Don't throw a bunch of large objects in the back of your Truck and try to drive away! It's possible for your Truck to glitch out and get stuck in the sky.
  • If your truck does get stuck in the sky, you'll have to build a staircase to climb up to it and pull the items out of the back; you can then attempt to retrieve it again.




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