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Last Update: May 8, 2022


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This Hydroneer Mining Guide will help you get started with digging up Iron, Gold, Shards, and Gems -- the first step to Crafting items and making money!

How to Mine in Hydroneer

Hydroneer Mining is not quite the same as it is in other games. In fact, the early game is much closer to "panning" -- here's how to Mine in Hydroneer:

  1. Pick up the Shovel (near the Ember Cradle sign) by pressing E.
  2. Walk over to the Bucket by the river.
  3. Dig into the dirt with your Shovel with left-click.
  4. Left-click on the Bucket to partially fill it with Dirt. Repeat this four times.
  5. Drop the Shovel by pressing E. Pick up the Brush in the Pan and drop it on the ground. Pick up the Bucket.
  6. Align the dark circle to the right of your cursor over the Pan. Left-click to pour Dirt into the Pan.
  7. Fill the Pan with water using either of these methods:
    • Drop the Bucket in the river, pick it up, and pour it over the Pan.
    • Drop the Dirt-filled Pan directly in the water and pick it up.
  8. Drop the Pan on the ground. Use the Brush to sweep away the Dirt and reveal Ore.
  9. The Pan will now contain Ore.

This will get you one or two pieces of Ore -- you can use the same Pan several times to get more Ore. Pans have a maximum capacity -- once it's full, any additional Ore will fall out.

How to Mine with Machines in Hydroneer

While you'll start your Hydroneer Mining operations with Brushes and Buckets, you'll soon want to move up to automated machines. You can learn the basics in our Automation Guide.

How to Sort Ore

You can sort Ore in Hydroneer with three methods:

  • Pick it up and move it by hand.
  • Use a Hand Sorter -- see our Automation Guide for more details.
  • User Conveyors and Funnels to sort Ore into various Pans.
Hydroneer Mining Guide - Shoveling
This is all you need to get started mining!

Hydroneer Mining Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips & tricks to help with your Hydroneer mining!

Flooring Helps Stop Bouncing

When you get a few Hydrocoins, buy a few pieces of flooring from the shop across the road and place them near the river. Putting Pans and Buckets on a flat surface will keep them from rolling away.

Keep Your Tools Nearby and Organized

You can keep all of the Tools you need in a fairly small area and mine surprisingly fast. Consider using a Tool Rack to keep Tools from rolling away.

Multiple Buckets (and Pans) are your Friend

You will eventually move further away from the river as you dig deeper. Fill up multiple Buckets on each trip to cut down on travel time.

Where to Get Better Tools

Bridgeport has the best shops in the early game, including Tier 2 tools that perform better. Upgrade your hand tools before you consider building machines.

That's the end of our Hydroneer Mining Guide -- check out our other guides below!

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