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Hydroneer is a game that's all about building big machines and mining the best resources. Fans of games like Factorio and Satisfactory will find something to love in this indie game from Foulball Hangover -- and we're here to help you figure out the mechanics of the game with our Hydroneer guides!

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Hydroneer Guides

Hydroneer Guides - Guide Hub - Beginner's Guide

Hydroneer Beginner's Guide

Your first day in Hydroneer will be focused on learning the basics of Mining. You'll be digging up Dirt by hand, putting it in a Bucket, and then using the Brush and a Pan to filter out the basic resources like Iron -- our Mining guide covers all of the finer points of the basic process.

Your next step will be to sell those Resources to the Jeweler's Shop up the hill; simply place a Pan with everything in it on the table and push the big red button. You'll get the listed amount of Hydrocoins (the game's currency) in exchange. You can then head back down the hill and buy the items you need. I recommend buying the following items ASAP:

  • Furnace
  • Crucible
  • Casting Mold
  • Construction Hammer

These items will let you convert Ore into Bars. Continue to collect Ore and make Bars; then, your next goal is to buy an Anvil and a Blacksmith's Hammer. These two items will allow you to get into Crafting which increases your profit margins.

Once you've got Crafting down, you'll eventually want to move into Automation -- our Automation Guide will help you figure out the first steps. The world is your oyster after that -- there are larger, deeper land plots to purchase and explore, Vehicles to buy, and Machines to build -- have fun!

Hydroneer Resources

There are the Resource types in Hydroneer:

  • Water - The source of power for all of your Machines and a useful tool for discovering Resources within Dirt.
  • Dirt - Clumps of soil that hide useful Resources.
  • Iron - The most basic of basic materials.
  • Gold - A valuable material that is best used for Crafting Jewelry.
  • Cloutium - A stronger material used for making high-end Machines.
  • Shards - A Resource that can power or enhance your Machines.
  • Gems - Resources mainly used for Crafting Jewelry. You can find Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires.

Hydroneer Guides - Guide Hub - FAQ

Hydroneer F.A.Q.

What is Hydroneer?

Hydroneer is a sandbox mining and crafting game developed by Foulball Hangover with a heavy emphasis on building complex machines.

Is Hydroneer Multiplayer?

Yes, Hydroneer is multiplayer as of the 2.0 Update, although it uses Steam Remote Play in lieu of an actual server and client system.

Where is the Inventory in Hydroneer?

There is no inventory in Hydroneer -- you can only carry one item or tool at a time. However, you can use Pans, Pallets, and Vehicles to carry multiple items around.

Can You Sell Shards in Hydroneer?

No, you can't sell Shards in Hydroneer. You shouldn't sell them even if you could, though -- they are used to improve the efficiency of your Machines.

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