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In this Hydroneer How to Build a House Guide, we'll tell you everything you need to know when it comes to buying building pieces and furniture, moving it, assembling it, and keeping it all from falling apart.

Where to Find Building Pieces and Furniture in Hydroneer

You can find more Hydroneer building pieces in several locations:

  1. Wooden building pieces can be purchased at the "Housing" shop in Bridgepour.
  2. "Cottage"-style building pieces can be bought at Cottage Supply Co. south of Bridgepour and near a Stock market.
  3. Stone building pieces can be bought near Icehelm.

Basic construction materials can be found at the shop directly next to your starting location. If you're looking to build a more complex building, you're going to have to travel down the road to Bridgepour. Thankfully, it's only a short run away.

Hydroneer How to Build a House Guide Housing shop
Bridgepour is the place to go for more Housing goods. You can find machine parts, new crafting stations, and fancy furniture there, too!

How to Move Building Parts in Hydroneer

The best way to move building parts in Hydroneer is by using the Pallet item. You might be tempted to use vehicles, but they're still not quite working right from what I've found.

I've attempted to use both the Cart and the Truck to move a bunch of furniture and building pieces. The Cart had stability issues and the Truck flew off in the sky; attempting to return to the truck simple continued the glitch. That's why, for now, your best option is to use the Pallet and carry bulk item orders by hand. (The Cart and Truck are fine for carrying small items such as crafted goods or ore, but always make sure you save before driving away — just in case you need to force quit the game and reload your save.)

The Pallet is an item that you can pick up like any other building piece or furniture. What makes it special is the ability to "lock" other items you drop on top of it. A pallet is pricey — it costs over 400 coins — but it's worth every penny; take a look at the above picture to see just how much you can cram on there.

Hydroneer How to Build a House Guide pallet

How to Use the Hydroneer Pallet

Using the Hydroneer Pallet is easy. Simply place it on the ground and drop whatever you want to carry on top.

There seems to be some sort of height limit, so you can't carry an absolute mountain of stuff. That said, I've managed to pack in a surprising amount of stuff on just one Pallet — experiment and find out!

Hydroneer How to Build a House Guide Construction Hammer

How to Build a House in Hydroneer

And now we come to the final portion of our Hydroneer How to Build a House Guide — construction!

Start things off by picking up a building piece. Left-click to enter building mode and place it wherever you like, just as if you were placing a workstation.

There's one tiny issue, though — it's very easy to accidentally pick up building pieces. That's where the Construction Hammer comes in. This tool allows you to "lock" a building in place, preventing any errant clicks from removing it. Using the Construction Hammer a second time will allow you to remove a locked building piece.


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