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Going Medieval Where to Find Iron Guide

Published: June 7, 2021 7:32 PM



Are you wondering where to find Iron in Going Medieval? This Going Medieval Where to Find Iron guide will help you locate this useful metal and give you some tips if you're having trouble finding any.

Where to Find Iron in Going Medieval

If you're lucky, you'll be able to find Iron in Going Medieval at the ground level. If you're not so lucky, however, you might have to resort to digging deep underground.


Iron appears as a reddish-orange rock. You may find piles of Iron Nuggets on the surface; if you're especially lucky, they may be sitting on top of an Iron deposit. If you're not so lucky, however, you might have a harder time finding it.

Going Medieval Where to Find Iron Guide locations
Iron can appear above ground (left), but you might also have to dig underground to find it (right).

I found Iron directly under a Limestone deposit in the top right image above. I don't have a crazy amount of time in the game just yet, but I've never encountered Iron when digging into Dirt or Clay. If you can't find Iron on your map, I'd recommend looking for a 100% Limestone deposit and digging underneath it.


Here's an important tip for this Going Medieval Where to Find Iron Guide: pay special attention to what the game tells you about a tile. Hovering over a tile on the map will tell you what it's composed of. You might discover a tile that is 80% Limestone and 20% Iron, and that's a good indication that there is even more Iron nearby — dig the surrounding area and you might get lucky!

Going Medieval Where to Find Iron Guide mining


Going Medieval Iron Guide — How to Smelt Iron

Finding Iron in Going Medieval can be a challenge. Fortunately, smelting Iron and making use of it isn't all that difficult.

  1. Research "Architecture."
  2. Gather up an additional 30 Chronicles and Research "Smelting."
  3. Build a Smelting Furnace out of Clay or Limestone.
  4. Have a Settler Deposit 30 Iron Nuggets and 20 units of Fuel (Sticks, Wood, or Coal).
  5. Let the Smelter Furnace run for a while and you'll have Iron Ingots after a short amount of time.

And that's all you need to do! In the early game, you probably won't use Iron for much other than building a better cooking station, but it certainly matters for making better weapons and armor in the late game.

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