Going Medieval Temperature Changes Detailed In New Dev Update

Is it hot in here? The next major Going Medieval update will be making some major adjustments to the temperature system, and that'll have a knock-on effect on other mechanics, too.

Published: May 1, 2023 9:32 AM /


A snowy colony in Going Medieval

It's time for another Medieval Monday dev diary courtesy of the fine folks behind Going Medieval, detailing what's coming in the game's next major update. This time, it's all about temperature, which is getting an overhaul in the next update along with a few other mechanics.

As usual, Foxy Voxel has posted the talk on the official Going Medieval Steam page. Right now, temperature in Going Medieval works on a binary system: there's an inside temperature and an outside temperature. Once the update has been applied, though, rooms will heat each other depending on what's inside them.

For instance, if a kitchen contains a stove, it'll heat the room above it. Everything, even including animals and settlers, will emit heat, so you'll have to juggle this new element when you're thinking about how to make your colony as comfortable as it can be for its inhabitants. Foxy Voxel also points to a fun bit of medieval trivia involving villagers placing cattle in certain rooms to control temperature. Human ingenuity, eh?

A colony operating under the new heating system in Going Medieval
Heating is about to get a lot more detailed in Going Medieval.

Don't worry if all of this sounds like too much, though. Foxy Voxel says that the next Going Medieval update will also feature a temperature overlay that will help you make sense of everything that's going on and "optimize your gameplay experience". You shouldn't need to learn too much about the ins and outs of what's heating or cooling your colony.

In line with the new temperature system, other systems have had to change to keep up. This includes sunlight and shade, which will now impact gameplay; when the sun is harsh (like in summer), villagers will seek the shade in order to avoid negative moods, and you can also give them hats that protect them from the sun.

We don't know when the next major Going Medieval update will land yet, but it'll contain these temperature changes, as well as other system overhauls including the day/night cycle, plant growth, and more. We'll bring you more as we get it, but until then, Going Medieval is available on PC via Steam Early Access. Just getting started with your colony? Take a look at our Going Medieval guides to help you get started.

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