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Going Medieval is a great colony-building game, but at times it can be a bit difficult to figure out how you're supposed to pull off certain tasks. None is more important to your survival than a good healthy store of food. Sure, you could dump all of those cabbages into a bit wet pile on the ground, but that's a great way to have all your cabbages ruined. Read on to discover how to store food in Going Medieval without going through a three-week correspondence course. 

Going Medieval Food Storage Guide | How To Store Food

The first step on your food storage journey is actually having somewhere to store the food. In the zoning menu (the final area on your toolbar) you can create a general stockpile area anywhere on the map to keep your supplies. To keep your food from spoiling, you'll need to at least put down some flooring, and to protect your food even further, you should add walls and a ceiling to shield the food from the elements. 

As well as being open to nature, there are several other factors that can affect how quickly your food spoils in Going Medieval. The most important factor is the temperature at which your food is stored. For the most part, in the winter your food will take much longer to spoil thanks to the reduced temperature, but there are things you can do to help keep temperatures low even during the summer. The easiest way to reduce temperature is to make a room or building out of clay which has great thermal insulation. 

How to Store Food in Going Medieval

The best method of keeping your food cold, and therefore preserved, is to build a basement. The lower into the ground you go, the lower the temperature falls. If you build down a few levels below your village, you should find that even in the SUmmer your food lasts for quite a long time. Having said that, it can be quite a challenge to construct underground thanks to Going Medieval's stability rankings. If you want some help in that area, check our Going Medieval underground building guide here

Going Medieval Food Storage Guide — Preserving Food

The other major factor in preserving food in Going Medieval is processing food in different ways. There are several different tools at your disposal that will make food last longer, although most of them require you to unlock them through research. The smoker will create preserved meat that lasts much longer than simply cooked meat does. You can also use a distiller to create vinegar for pickling food at your cooking station. The most helpful is probably the food packs, which are the same items that you start the game with. 

You can create these food packs yourself, but it's quite a late-game resource requiring a lot of books to unlock from the research tree. Once created, these food packages last an inordinate amount of time, but they also require more resources than a regular meal does.

That should be everything you'll need to know about preserving your food in Going Medieval.


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