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How does research work in Going Medieval? In this Going Medieval How to Research Guide, I'll explain how to unlock Research, how it works, and what dangers you have to watch out for.

Going Medieval Research Guide – How Research Works

Research in Going Medieval isn't quite like other games — you're not simply acquiring points and then spending them on new technology. Rather, you're acquiring books.

There are three types of books in all: Chronicles, Textbooks, and Theses. Each of these types of book are unlocked with tiers of the Research technology, and later-game techs will require multiple books. What this means is that you're going to need production for three different types of books in the Steam Early Access version of the game.

There's another consideration, too — you have to actually store these books somewhere. If you acquire a technology by spending 20 Chronicles, those Chronicles are now counted as "Allocated" and you'll need to make new ones to spend on the next tech. If you don't own enough Chronicles, Textbooks, and Theses to support all of the tech you've unlocked thus far, you will be unable to do any new research at all!

Designating a room as a Library can provide a nice buff, too — I'd strongly recommend dedicating a room with enough space to fit multiple Research tables and a couple thousand books if you're planning on playing the long game.

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How to Research in Going Medieval

We'll close out this Going Medieval How to Research Guide with a full description of the process — here's how to research in Going Medieval:

Step 1: Build a Basic Research Table and Start Producing Chronicles

Start things off by building a Basic Research Table and start cranking out Chronicles so that you can spend them on early game tech.

Step 2: Research Technologies You'd Like to Use

Once you start producing Chronicles, spend them on some technology you might need for the early game (such as Agriculture).

Step 3: Research 'Furniture' and 'Decorative Structures,' Then Build a Library

Research the "Furniture" and "Decorative Structures" techs. Placing two "Wall Bookshelves" in a room with a Basic Research table will convert it from a Spare Room into a Library which provides a speed bonus for writing books.

Step 4: Unlock 'Research II', Build a Research Table, and Start Producing Textbooks

Next, unlock "Research II" and build a Research Table. Start producing Textbooks and continue to produce Chronicles. Unlock technologies as you need them.

Step 5: Unlock 'Research III', Build an Advanced Research Table, and Start Producing Theses

When you want to start advancing to better tech, unlock "Research 3" using a combination of Chronicles and Textbooks to gain the ability to make the "Thesis" books.

Step 6: Research the Remaining Technologies You Don't Have

And that's it! The only thing left to do is to create the books you need for unlocking the rest of the technologies you don't yet have.

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