Going Medieval Dev Diary Reveals New Social Interaction System

Your Going Medieval settlers are about to get a whole lot better acquainted with each other, as social interactions are on their way in the next update.

Published: February 20, 2023 9:14 AM /


Settlers working in the fields in Going Medieval

Foxy Voxel has set its sights on the next major Going Medieval update, and this one's all about socializing. The new social interaction system will cause your settlers to seek out conversations with one another, and those conversations could have a serious impact on how settlers see each other.

In its semi-regular Medieval Monday feature over on Steam, Foxy Voxel introduces its new social interaction system, which is coming in the next Going Medieval update. The system will see settlers interacting with each other in a number of different ways, including having a conversation, praising each other, and even insulting each other.

Depending on how the interaction goes, a bubble will appear over your settlers' heads. Reactions range from strongly negative to strongly positive, so you can get an impression of what kind of interaction the settlers had with one another. If you want more details, though, you'll also be able to access a log showing you brief descriptions of what your settlers talked about.

Settlers in Going Medieval seeking out a social interaction with one another

Certain interactions will allow settlers to influence each other, too. Foxy Voxel gives the example of a zealot with high speechcraft being able to convert other settlers to their belief system. Social interactions are technically limited to a certain number per day, but some things, like settlers being drunk, can circumvent those limitations.

A new Affection system will also complement the social interaction feature. Affection shows how much settlers like one another and can be influenced by all kinds of things, including how interactions between settlers have gone. Eventually, Foxy Voxel wants to expand these systems to trigger events based on relationship status, but that's for a future update.

Going Medieval is a medieval-themed colony sim in which you must manage and maintain a colony of settlers. You'll need to defend them against raiders, wild animals, and the elements, all while trying to expand your colony and develop more efficient and comfortable ways to live. The game is still in Early Access right now, but it's received a number of updates since its 2021 launch, adding features like a comfort system and terraforming.

You can grab Going Medieval right now on Steam. It'll run you $24.99 or your regional equivalent. Be sure to take a look at our Going Medieval guides if you're just getting started with the game; they'll help you navigate the harsh medieval wilderness in which you find yourself.

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