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Digimon Survive is now out and in players hands. This title, first announced a long time ago, is a Digimon hybrid Visual Novel and Strategy game. Players will get to experience exploring the Digital world with their pals, recruit more digimon, and battle in strategic combat. One thing that players might not realize though is that there are hidden collectibles throughout the world. In this Digimon Survive Perceived Memories Collectible Guide we'll go over where you can find all of the Perceived Memories.

How to find the Perceived Memories in Digimon Survive?

Early into the game you learn that there are things hidden to the human eye. At first it is Digimon that you can scan for as the human children are first getting introduced to their Digimon but there's more uses for it than initially shown. At any point when exploring an area you can pull out your phone camera and scan the area for any distortions. These distortions can lead to additional battles, sometimes against rare Digimon, you can find items like Bandages this way, and you can also find Perceived Memories.

As far as I've been able to tell these Perceived Memories aren't missable, but each time you reach a new area it's definitely worth giving it a scan to see if there's something hidden that might help you out in a pinch.

A good tip is that after bringing up your camera you can press the Right and Left bumper buttons on your controller to quick lock onto any point of interest, if you press these buttons and the camera doesn't move that means there's nothing for you to inspect/scan.

Diigmon Survive Perceived Memories Found

Digimon Survive Perceived Memories Locations

There are three different types of Perceived Memories, these are Spirited Away, All in the Seasoning, and The Tale of the Mural. Each category has five memories associated to it and once you obtain all five you will earn a powerful reward.

Digimon Survive Perceived Memories - Spirited Away Locations

Chapter 1
This can be found in the Woods by Shrine area of the Forest. Pull up your camera and search from the tree with the distortion to find this collectible.

Chapter 2
You can find Chapter 2 of Spirited Away in the Spider Lily Forest. You'll find this distortion on a tree slightly to the right.

Chapter 3
At the beginning of Part 6 when you make it to the North Island head to the Woods Near City area. Pull up your camera and search the tree to the right of the main city gateway for this part.

Chapter 4
You can find this Chapter in the Moral Path in Part 9. Return to the Spider Lily Forest to find this collectible.

Chapter 5
Right before the final battle of the Moral Path you'll have a chance to visit the XXXX. Once here pull up your phone to find the last Spirited Away chapter.


What is the Spirited Away Reward?

The reward for collecting all Spirited Away Chapters is the Extreme Burst Skill Item. This Extreme Burst's description reads "Deals non-elemental damage. Inflicts sleep. Reduces your PHYS DEF and SP DEF two ranks.


Digimon Survive Perceived Memories - All in the Seasoning Locations

Chapter 1
You can find this part in the Forest Area Inner Shrine Entrance. Pull up your camera and you'll see it to your right in a distortion.

Chapter 2
You can find Chapter 2 of All in the Seasoning in the Central Plaza area of the Amusement Park. Once you pull up your camera look to the right by the fence for this distortion.

Chapter 3
Once you reach Part 6 of Digimon Survive continue in the story until the Ruined Apartment is available to you. Search here with your camera to find All in the Seasoning Chapter 3.

Chapter 4 & Chapter 5 can only be found in the Harmonious Path ending


Digimon Survive Perceived Memories - The Tale of the Mural Locations

Chapter 1
You can find chapter 1 of the Tale of the Mural at the Shrine. This distortion should appear just to the lower right of the Shrine building itself.

Chapter 2
This chapter can be found in the Cafeteria of the School. Pull up your camera and point it towards the floorboards to the right.

Chapter 3
This chapter is found when you're party is making their way through the Sewers. After reuniting with Aoi it should be in the second room you reach.

Chapter 4 & Chapter 5 can only be found in the Wrathful Path ending


This guide is still in progress, it will be updated as we continue to play the game.

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