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Digimon Survive Endings Guide

Digimon Survive blends together Visual Novel storytelling and Strategy combat to create a unique Digimon Adventure that tells the story of a group of kids who get pulled into a world of Digimon. Along their journey there's all manner of highs and lows that they will come across but it isn't just one ending that you can reach. In this Digimon Survive Endings Guide we'll go over each of the different choices and what they mean for each branching path.

How to unlock all possible endings in Digimon Survive?

In order to have all possible ending options appear you need to achieve at least 25 points in the decision category. It's recommended while playing that you aim to have Moral, Wrathful, and Harmony all reach 25 as soon as you can if you want to be in a position to choose any ending.


Before we get ANY further this guide will try to remain as spoiler free as possible but as these paths relate to late-game Digimon Survive there may be information that you're able to glean from listed choices, and other information. There will be a fully detailed breakdown of each end's story at the bottom of the page.


When does the Digimon Survive Branching Path occur?

Once you reach the end of Part 8 you'll be informed that a branching path is about to happen. At this point, the game asks if you'd like to manually save your game. It's worth not just saving your normal file... but also creating a few backups. After saving your game you'll be presented with a number of options, how many options appear to you will depend on the options that you've selected while playing through the game and how they influence your Moral, Wrathful, and Harmony values.

I reached this decision with Moral at 33, Wrathful at 23, and Harmony at 29 and only had the Moral and Harmony options available to me, it's my hypothesis that you must reach 25 in a stat for the ending option to appear.

The options that you are given will be:

  • Moral - Be true to my friends.
  • Wrathful - I did not have this option
  • Harmony - Save the world.
  • NA - Never go back

Digimon Survive All Endings Spoiler Details

Here is where we will discuss what happens in each of the endings including major plotpoints. There will be major spoilers for Digimon Survive below this line so be sure to avoid any before you read too far.

Spoiler Warning AGAIN

Digimon Survive Moral Ending

Takuma will choose to return to the Digital World with the goal of finding and saving his friends.

Through this ending, you reconnect with Renamon in the Library that appears and later with Garurumon at the School. With your combined powers you fight the Master at the lowest level of the Shrine. In the process, Agumon and Gabumon digivolve into Omnimon, who you can then use in later battles as long as both Agumon and Gabumon are both present in the fight.

The ending culminates in a large fight against the Master and after its defeat, the children learn that they can fuel the other world with just the public consciousness about it. In a new digital age, this means the birth of the Digital World and the coining of the term Digimon. In a short prologue set a year after the end of the game the characters all meet back up together to revisit their Digimon pals.

  • Agumon and Gabumon will unlock Omnimon as an evolution
  • The Library area will unlock


Digimon Survive Never Go Back Ending

In this option, Takuma tells Miyuki that he can't return to the Digital World through the Portal. While talking with Miyuki and Agumon Takuma receives a text message from his mother. Takuma walks away from Agumon and Miyuki thinking about how much he wants to return to his mother. A crying Agumon steps into the portal.

We flash forward to the future where Takuma's mother is reminding him to bring his packed lunch. Takuma reflects that he hasn't made any new friends since returning to the real world. Emergency relocations are taking place as natural disasters and other phenomena are affecting the world.

You're then greeted with a large "Game Over" screen which will then return you to the title screen. You can now load up your save to make a better decision.


This guide is not complete, we will continue to update it as we are playing the game


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