Digimon Survive Trophies And Karma System Revealed

Digimon Survive trophies have been revealed ahead of the game's launch this week, and we've also got some new information about its rather intriguing Karma system

Published: July 25, 2022 11:21 AM /


A Tyrannomon looking menacing in Digimon Survive

The PS4 Digimon Survive trophies have been revealed ahead of the game's imminent release later this week. Alongside the trophies, there's also a brand new deep dive into the Digimon Survive Karma and Attribute systems, showing you some of the ways you can influence and guide your Digimon in the game.

What are the Digimon Survive trophies?

After lengthy delays and fears the game would never see the light of day, Digimon Survive finally has a release date, and it's later this week. Ahead of that release date, the game's trophies have been revealed. It's a pretty standard list, with trophies for Digivolving various creatures and reaching Mega level, as well as story and progression-related trophies. You can check out the list of Digimon Survive trophies right here (thanks, Exophase), but be warned: if you don't want any spoilers at all, you'll likely want to avoid the list entirely.

Etemon contemplating joining the player's party in Digimon Survive
Digimon Survive offers trophies for everything from Digivolving creatures to recruiting Free Monsters.

Trophies include standard stuff like starting the game and reaching critical forks in the road, but there are also trophies for beating certain bosses like Dokugumon and Fangmon. You'll also find trophies for acquiring a certain number of items, leveling up your Agumon, and recruiting a single Free Monster. There are a few others that I won't spoil here for fear of incurring the wrath of the Digimon fans, but a couple of the more intriguing ones involve the game's Karma system, which changes how the game works based on decisions you make.

What is the Digimon Survive Karma system?

Helpfully, Bandai Namco explains how the Digimon Survive Karma system will work over on the PlayStation Blog. Protagonist Takuma will be faced with a number of important decisions throughout the game, and based on which decision you make, your Karma score will change. There are three types of Karma: Moral, Harmony, and Wrathful. Moral Karma is awarded if you make decisions based on justice or sacrifice, for example, while Harmonious Karma is given for encouraging co-operation and compassion. Wrathful Karma isn't quite the "bad option" it sounds like; if you take direct action or act boldly, you'll get Wrathful Karma. The type of Karma you have will change the Digivolution path of Takuma's Agumon, so if you have Harmonious Karma, for example, Agumon's Data Digivolution branch will become available.

Agumon's Digivolution paths in Digimon Survive
Different Digivolution paths will become available depending on your Karma in Digimon Survive.

The Bandai Namco blog also goes into some detail about Attributes, which are essentially stats for your Digimon. Like Fire EmblemDigimon Survive employs a triangular mechanic wherein Vaccine beats Virus, Virus beats Data, and Data beats Vaccine. You'll need to keep those in mind when you're battling in Digimon Survive, and if you play your cards right and win a fight, you might initiate a Persona-esque sequence wherein a Digimon will approach you after the battle. You can then either ask them to join you or have them give you something neat like items. If you want them to join you, you'll have to answer some questions about their personality. 

Bandai Namco says Digimon Survive is a game with "no wrong or right answer" to its choices, so you'll just have to make decisions based on what makes sense to you. However you decide, you'll get the chance to implement your strategies when Digimon Survive launches for PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One on July 29th. Having been delayed numerous times, it's good to finally see this one emerging into the light. Stay tuned for more updates on Digimon Survive.

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