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Digimon Survive is finally out, it's been delayed a few years later than what was originally anticipated but finally, Digimon Survive the Visual Novel/Strategy Role Playing Game hybrid is available to play. In Digimon Survive you play as a high-school student who is pulled into the Digital World with a few friends. In this Digimon Survive Guide Hub we'll cover all of the frequently asked questions, basic tips, and more so that you can raise the Ultimate (or Mega) Digimon.

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Digimon Type Advantages and Disadvantages

In the Digimon world, much like the world of Pokemon, there is typing for Digimon. The typings for attacks are Vaccine, Virus, Data, and Free. Aside from "Free" each of the other types have different advantages to one another, this means if you manage to connect with an attack that is strong against the Target Digimon's type that you'll be able to deal extra damage. The type advantages are as follows:

  • Vaccine - Strong to Virus
  • Virus - Strong to Data
  • Data - Strong to Vaccine
  • Free - No advantages or disadvantages



What is the Karma System in Digimon Survive?

During the Visual Novel and discussion portions of Digimon Survive players will be faced with a number of choices. Each of these choices will affect the Karma of the character. The Karma choices will always lean the following way:

  • Left Option: Moral - This is the choice that will be based upon justice or sacrifice
  • Up Option: Wrathful - This is the choice that will be based upon a direct or bold action
  • Right Option: Harmony - This is the choice that will be based upon a cooperative or compassionate choice

The karma that you most lean towards will be what influences the evolution of your Digimon in battle.



What is the Affinity System?


In Digimon Survive as you spend time communicating with the different members of the group stuck in the Digital World there will be a series of points where you'll have to choose between two or more members of the party. These aren't always split decisions and having to side with someone's point of view, this can also just be a moment where two of your friends have had a rough experience and you need to choose which to tend to.  Each time you pick a human your affinity with them will go up.

As your Affinity raises then the chances that you'll have more favorable discussions with those characters, or have their Digimon team up with yours in battle.


Digivolving your Digimon

There are two different wants you'll experience Digimon digivolving in Digimon Survive. The first is for your partner Digimon, like Agumon and Kunemon, at points in the story these Digimon will have a key character growth moment that will allow them to digivolve to their next stage. After that, they will return to their Rookie form, but each battle you can spend SP to have them digivolve into their more mature forms. For each turn they stay digivolved they'll use more SP so it's worth conserving these for when you need it.


Digimon that you recruited through free battle instead will digivolve through the use of key items. When you digivolve a recruited Digimon this way they do not revert back to being a Rookie form so whatever path you pick is the path you're going to be stuck with, but if you find you wanted a different path then you can always go out and recruit another one.


Digimon Survive F.A.Q

What kind of game is Digimon Survive?

Digimon Survive is a hybrid Visual Novel game as well as a Strategy game. The developers have stated that the split will be around 70% Visual Novel and 30% Strategy games. During the Visual Novel sections, players will follow the lives of a group of school kids who have gotten lost in the Digital World and the Digimon partners that they meet along the way. They'll need to find a way home, but chances are something else they'll need to deal with is amiss. When you encounter hostile Digimon along your journey you'll need to take them on in strategy combat.

At a certain point in the game you have the option to "Free Battle" this will allow you to fight whenever you want.


How long will Digimon Survive take to complete?

Developers have announced that the game will take upwards of 40 hours to complete. This includes completing the three different paths in the game, what each of those different paths entails though is currently not known.


When can I Free Battle in Digimon Survive?

At the start of the game you'll be fed a lot of the story of the class and how they wind up in the Digital World. After making your way through the prologue, and return to the school building in Part 1 you'll get a notification that you can now select free battles. When you select the Free Bat. option on the map screen you'll be able to complete battles against a variety of Digimon for experience, items, and you can also recruit Digimon through these battles.


Are there difficulty modes in Digimon Survive?

Yes, at the beginning of every battle you can select which difficulty you'd like to face the battle on. The difficulties are Very Easy, Easy, Normal, and Hard. If you lose a battle you can always restart it so if you aren't sure you can win you can drop the difficulty. For anyone interested in experiencing the story of Digimon Survive without needing to worry too much about the strategy battles this can make the game less stressful, alternatively if you like a challenge you can ramp up the difficulty.

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