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Voracious Games
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October 17, 2022 (Calendar)
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In the casual and cooky deck-builder Potionomics, players will have been gifted their uncle's potion shop after he has passed away, but it also comes with a huge amount of debt. What better way to get out of debt than brew up some potions and sell them for profit? In order to keep your uncle's legacy alive and thriving, you will need to work as hard and as fast as you can to collect ingredients and create potion recipes to become a full-on one-stop potion shop. 

As you progress, you will come across some friends that will help you build your shop from the ground up, and if you play your cards right, you can manage every single negotiation with a customer with ease. Developing relationships with the other local shopkeepers in the town of Rafta is the key to success, as you will be able to negotiate much easier, and get a great deal on some of the top-tier ingredients needed. You will be able to decorate your shop any way you choose, and doing so will increase the profits that can be made on potions, allow you to make even higher quality potions, and more!